COURSE:  WENG 560 Fundamentals of HVAC Design and Analysis

OBJECTIVE:  To provide mechanical engineers with the tools and best practices applicable to HVAC system analysis and design.

DESCRIPTION:  ENG 560 is an advanced level course intended to build upon HVAC fundamentals to give mechanical engineers the ability to perform HVAC system analysis and design. This course will cover: General HVAC concepts, Systems, and Equipment. Major topics include thermodynamics, heat transfer, psychrometrics, design conditions, facility energy estimating & load calculations, air and water system design, air-conditioning systems & configurations, air-processing equipment, and refrigeration.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Mechanical engineers responsible for the analysis, design, procurement, and operation of HVAC systems.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other Engineers, technicians, engineering project managers, or energy managers.

GRADE:   Commissioned AFSC 32E (CE) officers in the grades O-1 thru O-4; civilian GS-09 thru GS-14; 3E (CE) noncommissioned officers E-7 through E-9.

PREREQUISITES:  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or a B.S. in any Engineering degree with successful completion of WENG 460, Introduction to Mechanical Systems

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students should plan for 20 hours/week of active instruction and 4 hours/week of homework. The CE School will provide the following references free of charge to students enrolled in the course (1) HVAC Simplified (2) ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals (3) Ductulator (4) System Syzer (5) Psychrometric Charts (11x17) All students who complete the course are permitted to keep these references for their personal use.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Hybrid. Each week students will complete self-paced work online. On Fridays there will be mandatory 4 hour live classroom component broadcasted via the web.

Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date!



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