COURSE:  WENG 560 Fundamentals of HVAC Design and Analysis

OBJECTIVE:  To provide mechanical engineers with the tools and best practices applicable to HVAC system analysis and design.

DESCRIPTION:  ENG 560 is an advanced level course intended to build upon HVAC fundamentals to give mechanical engineers the ability to perform HVAC system analysis and design. This course will cover: General HVAC concepts, Systems, and Equipment. Major topics include thermodynamics, heat transfer, psychrometrics, design conditions, facility energy estimating & load calculations, air and water system design, air-conditioning systems & configurations, air-processing equipment, and refrigeration.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Mechanical engineers responsible for the analysis, design, procurement, and operation of HVAC systems.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other Engineers, technicians, engineering project managers, or energy managers.

GRADE:   Commissioned AFSC 32E (CE) officers in the grades O-1 thru O-4; civilian GS-301-09 thru GS-14; 3E (CE) noncommissioned officers E-7 through E-9.

PREREQUISITES:  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering or a B.S. in any Engineering degree with successful completion of WENG 460, Introduction to Mechanical Systems

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students should plan for 20 hours/week of active instruction and 10 hours/week of homework.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Virtual Classroom



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12-Mar-2018 to 30-Mar-2018 / Satellite Broadcast



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