COURSE:  WENV 160 Qualified Recycling Program Management (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to understand the Department of Defense requirements for operating a Qualified Recycling Program (QRP). Students should understand how to plan and operate a QRP.

DESCRIPTION:  This inter-service course delivers principles and methods to assist students in planning and operating a QRP.

The course focuses on identifying materials eligible for QRP recycling; understanding regulations; collecting, sorting, and processing; working with the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services; conducting direct sales; recordkeeping and budgeting.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Installation/Regional QRP Manager (or alternate), Installation/Regional Solid Waste Manager (or alternate), QRP Auditors

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  QRP Personnel, Civil Engineering/Public Works/Facilities Operations/Environmental personnel who oversee QRP planning, programming, budgeting and execution.

GRADE:   No restrictions



COURSE CREDIT:  3.0 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards

COURSE LENGTH:  4.5 days

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05-Mar-2018 to 09-Mar-2018 / WPAFB Resident
11-Jun-2018 to 15-Jun-2018 / WPAFB Resident
06-Aug-2018 to 10-Aug-2018 / WPAFB Resident



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