COURSE:  WENV 450 Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) Course

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is for each student to comprehend the Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) required by law to proactively inform decision making on proposed mission activities. The course provides foundational knowledge of the AF EIAP program and highlights key procedures.

DESCRIPTION:  This in-resident course provides a fundamental understanding of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the implementing regulations of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), and the Air Force Environmental Impact Analysis Process regulation (32 CFR Part 989). Key topics include NEPA law, roles and responsibilities, EIAP and planning integration, funding, affected environment, proponent responsibilities, Categorical Exclusion application, Environmental Assessments and Impact Statements, public involvement, and mitigation.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Project Proponents (e.g., XP/A3/A4/A5/A8/RMO/TE), Environmental Planning Function personnel (e.g., Installation EIAP Managers and others), AFIMSC Detachment NEPA Liaisons, Legal Counsel (JA), System Acquisition PMO staff, and ANG Environmental Managers.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Environmental Media Managers, Community Planners, CE Environmental Element Chiefs, Design Engineers and Project Managers, Real Property Managers, Public Affairs, Bioenvironmental and Safety Personnel, contractors supporting Air Force environmental programs, and other personnel with EIAP responsibilities.

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O5; Enlisted: E5-E9; Civilians: GS7-GS14 or equivalents.

PREREQUISITES:  Recommended: WENV 101 (Introduction to Environmental Management), WESS 150 (Proponents Responsibilities in EIAP), and TEACH EIAP online micro-lesson. - (found on E0Dash)


Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date!

COURSE CREDIT:  2.5 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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29-Apr-2019 to 03-May-2019 / WPAFB Resident



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