COURSE:    Proponent Responsibilities in EIAP Seminar

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend their role as a proponent in initiating the environmental impact analysis process, in developing project alternatives, in participating in the EIAP interdisciplinary team, and in ensuring that any mitigation identified during this process is funded and implemented.

DESCRIPTION:  This seminar provides a broad, easy-to-follow overview of federal law and regulations and Air Force policies and regulations regarding proponent responsibilities in the Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP). Topics include fundamentals of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), defining the purpose and need of a proposed action, developing reasonable alternatives, what is the no-action alternative, how to complete the AF Form 813, the proponent’s role throughout EIAP, and other environmental challenges project proponents may face. Training certificates will be issued for successful completion of the seminar.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Project Proponents. Air Force regulations define proponents as “each office, unit, single manager, or activity at any level that initiates Air Force actions.” So if you are proposing any type of action, from construction of a new facility, relocation of a flying wing to another base, modification of an existing facility, conducting training exercise on base, or any other type of activity that could result in environmental impacts, you are a project proponent and should benefit from this training.

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O6; Enlisted: E3-E9; Civilians: GS5-GS15 Officers: Yes (O1-O6); Enlisted: Yes (E3-E9); Civilians: Yes (GS5-GS15) Officers: Yes (O1-O6); Enlisted: Yes (E3-E9); Civilians: Yes (GS5-GS15)


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Enrolled students will be given access to an online AFIT Blackboard Learning Management System account. Students will use the account to access seminar materials, the seminar quiz and a critique. Students will have one week to complete the seminar.



COURSE LENGTH:  2-3 hours (1 week to complete)

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