COURSE:  WHSS 404 General Officer Quarters Management

OBJECTIVE:  To provide an understanding and knowledge of the policies, principles, and processes and their application to the daily management and oversight of Air Force General Officer Quarters (GOQ).

DESCRIPTION:  The course is designed to provide Senior Housing Managers and those involved in the day-to-day management of AF GOQs with the understanding of policies, principles, and processes and their application related to government-owned, privatized and leased GOQs. Instruction focuses on traditional and privatized GOQ management to include daily operations, planning, programming and budgeting, furnishings management, cost reporting and customer service.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Housing Management Element Chief, Housing Manager, Installation GOQ Coordinator, FH Program Manager, Privatization Program Manager, BCE/Deputy BCE, Resource Element Personnel

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Management Flight Chief, GO Enlisted Aide, MAJCOM / FOA Housing Staff, Project Owner / Privatized Property Management Office staff

GRADE:   Target grade is GS-7 (or Equivalent) and above

PREREQUISITES:  Minimum 3 months in the position. Frequency of attendance is every 3 yrs unless waivered.

DELIVERY METHOD:  web - controlled self pace


COURSE LENGTH:  5 workdays to complete

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04-Dec-2017 to 08-Dec-2017 / Web Enabled
27-Feb-2018 to 02-Mar-2018 / WPAFB Resident
15-May-2018 to 18-May-2018 / WPAFB Resident
28-Aug-2018 to 31-Aug-2018 / Web Enabled



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