COURSE:  WMGT 101 Air Force Civil Engineer Basic Course

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend the Air Force Civil Engineer structure, core competencies and processes and leadership. Students shall be able to apply engineering, installation support, bed-down planning and leadership principles in support of assigned missions. This course provides the foundation for further education and development.

DESCRIPTION:  This is a mandatory course for all new Active Duty Civil Engineer officers to receive the 32E3X AFSC. Students gain a basic understanding of Air Force Civil Engineer doctrine, history, and related civil engineering functions. Students also learn the responsibilities of each flight within the objective CE squadron, how the CE squadron and its flights interface with other organizations, and how to plan and execute various programs within each of the flights. The first five (5) weeks at AFIT cover Civil Engineer organization, civil engineer functions, project management principles and the basic mechanical, electrical and civil engineering technical knowledge needed to complete infrastructure activities at home station and in a contingency environment. The last four (4) weeks of instruction focus on providing and maintaining force beddowns in a contingency or humanitarian environment. The final week of the course (Officer Field Education – OFE) is conducted at the Silver Flag Exercise Site, Detachment 1, 823rd RED HORSE, Tyndall AFB FL. At OFE, students complete hands-on education in force beddown, airfield damage assessment and repair, disaster preparedness, fire rescue, bare base assets, and command and control. Students will not receive Silver Flag credit as part of this course.

Active Duty Military: Active duty students are required to attend all nine (9) weeks of the course in-residence.

Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve (AFRC): ANG and Reserve students need to apply for both the WMSS 101 Web and Resident course. Students will complete the first 2 weeks of the course (Phase 1) online and then attend the final 7 weeks (Phases 2-5) of the course in-residence. Students whose units wish to unit fund their attendance for Phase 1 in-residence can do so.

Palace Acquire (PAQ): Non-technical PAQ interns, such as community planners, are required to attend the first three (3) weeks (Phases 1 and 2) of the course in-residence. Technical PAQ interns, such as engineers and architects, are required to complete the first five (5) weeks (Phases 1-3) of the course in-residence.

Government Service Civilians: GS Civilians will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on available course capacity. These students are unit-funded.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  New Civil Engineer Officers (Total Force)

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Palace Acquire and Government Service Civilians.

GRADE:   Officers: Yes; Enlisted: No; Civilians: (GS5-GS13).

PREREQUISITES:  Military students must have a 32E AFSC. Civilian students must have an engineering or architectural bachelor's degree.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  All students must bring a scientific calculator and a laptop or other personal computing devise is highly recommended to access course content and complete course assignments. Students must bring a valid military/government ID to class and complete all additional requirements listed in the pre-course letter prior to attending the course.

Admin Instructions: The following information provides further guidance, which hopefully will alleviate the need for amendments to travel orders (DD Form 1610) for students attending the Air Force Civil Engineer Basic Course.

Section II of DD Form 1610 must read as follows: FROM: (student’s home station) TO: Wright-Patterson AFB OH TO: Tyndall AFB FL TO: Wright-Patterson AFB OH RETURN TO: (student’s home station) Students are REQUIRED to return to Wright-Patterson AFB upon completion of Officer Field Education (OFE).

  • Travel between WPAFB and Tyndall will be provided by AFIT.
  • It is assumed all entitled meals available under field conditions are consumed unless otherwise indicated.
  • Students will be under field conditions the final week of class (from 0900 the second to last Saturday to 1500 on the final Saturday).
  • Students are authorized excess baggage (one piece not to exceed 50 lbs).
  • No government meals are available or directed while at WPAFB
  • Security Clearance – Item 19 on Reverse.
For more information regarding filling out orders please contact Ms. Lisa Quinn at DSN 785-5654 x3544.

Security Requirements: Military students must have a SECRET clearance to ensure attendance at all lessons. Clearance should be printed on orders. PAQs and Civilians are NOT required to have a SECRET clearance.

Uniform Requirements: Uniforms for military students during the duty day will be either ABUs or PTUs depending on the course schedule. See pre-course letter for additional requirements.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Nine weeks of resident instruction. Civilians attend only first three (non-tech) or five (tech) weeks of resident instruction.

How To Apply: This course is not available for online registration.

AD Military: You will be assigned and notified of your school slot by AFPC.

ANG/AFRC: Please register for WMSS 101/Web Enabled first. When you are ready to attend WMGT 101 in residence (within one year of completing the Web portion) - contact your Unit Training Manager for approval then register for WMSS 101/WPAFB Resident.

PAQ: You must first get approval from Ms. Kimberly Davis, the CE Career Field PAQ Coordinator at AFPC. Please contact Ms. Davis at to begin the approval process.

Government Service Civilians: Please contact AFIT.


10-Apr-2017 to 10-Jun-2017

12-Oct-2017 to 16-Dec-2017

09-Apr-2018 to 09-Jun-2018

COURSE CREDIT:  Mil ~ 25 CEUs; Civ ~ 12 CEUs

COURSE LENGTH:  45 Resident Academic Days (25 for Civilians)

QUESTIONS? Send us an e-mail by clicking the Contact Us button.

HOW TO APPLY:  This course is not available to register online. Contact AFIT at



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