COURSE:  WMGT 417 Activity Management

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is for each student to comprehend the fundamental principles of asset management practices throughout the Air Force Civil Engineer organizational structure. Students will comprehend and apply the tools, techniques and processes necessary to effectively manage natural and built assets for providing sustainable installations.

DESCRIPTION:  This course focuses on the Air Force’s process of activity management through the introduction of concepts that build its foundation. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of asset visibility, data analysis, identifying requirements, measuring performance, financial resources, planning horizons and strategies, and the various business rules that govern the obligation of centralized funds. Students will also engage in assignments that will put lecture to practice and build upon these concepts.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Air Force Civil Engineer Activity Management Plan, Sub-Activity Management Plan, & Comprehensive Asset Management Plan Managers

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Other Operations, Engineering, & Installation Management flight Personnel; MAJCOM Optimization Personnel

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O6; Enlisted: E6-E9; Civilians: GS9-GS14

PREREQUISITES:  Students must be able to complete upper level undergraduate course work. WMSS 301 – Introduction to Asset Management

DELIVERY METHOD:  Satellite Broadcast (0900-1700 hrs Eastern)



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09-Apr-2018 to 13-Apr-2018 / Satellite Broadcast
13-Aug-2018 to 17-Aug-2018 / Satellite Broadcast



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