COURSE:  WMGT 421 Contracting for Civil Engineering Course

OBJECTIVE:  For each attendee to gain an understanding of the contractual aspects of planning, organizing, preparing, managing and administering the provisions of services, construction, and design contracts to satisfy Air Force requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

DESCRIPTION:  The fundamentals of government contract preparation, such as determining acquisition strategies, conducting market research, contract type, source selection and methods of contracting are stressed. The basics of organizing, writing, and coordinating Statements of Works and Performance Work Statements are presented and applied. The fundamentals of managing contracts such as modifications, inspection, documentation, and remedies for poor performance are stressed. The course will address cost estimating, small business, A-E source selection, familiarization with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and many other contracting topics related to customer execution and management of contracts. This course will be offered via satellite only. Contact your base education office to reserve a satellite broadcast room as soon as possible. NOTE: This is a blended course—each day will be comprised of 4 hours of satellite instruction and approximately 2 hours of online work on your own.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Contracting Officer Representatives, CE Project Managers, Service Contract Managers, Program/Project Managers, Construction Managers, Designer/Design Managers, and Maintenance Engineers.

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Programmers, JAG personnel

GRADE:   Commissioned officers, Noncommissioned officers, GS-7 or above

PREREQUISITES:  High school graduate or above

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  NOTE: Individuals working contracting issues primarily in the environmental arena should NOT enroll in this course. ENV 418 is their appropriate course.

DELIVERY METHOD:  Satellite Broadcast. Each offering will broadcast from 1300-1700 hrs Eastern Time (US) each day. Additional time will be needed outside of the broadcast hours to complete class assignments.

COURSE CREDIT:  4 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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05-Mar-2018 to 15-Mar-2018 / Satellite Broadcast
09-Jul-2018 to 19-Jul-2018 / Satellite Broadcast



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