COURSE:  WMGT 433 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight Commanders' Course

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to understand the functional responsibilities of the EOD flight commander/chief, to comprehend the interdependency between flights in the base Civil Engineer team, comprehend the relationship with Wing agencies and joint/civil authorities, and to apply functional skills and team principles to realistic problem scenarios.

DESCRIPTION:  Functional responsibilities are covered including: Contingency operations (war planning, mobility, host nation responsibilities and relationships, AEF/EAF, resources and protective measures, deployment experiences, WMP, joint EOD operations, and an overview of the deployment process), Flight management issues (support agreements, manpower, EOD self assessment and QA programs, and organizational structure options), Resource management issues (budget and resources, CE supply system, and contracting in CE), Environmental and legal issues (RCRA/MMR, and off base response issues), Flight operations issues (emergency response, munitions forecasting, ARC/Range issues, VIPPSA, and ORM documentation), Air Reserve Component (funding, organization and structure, IMA/Reservists, Manday requests), and Guest lecturers as appropriate.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  EOD Flight Commander/Chief, EOD Superintendent/Deputy

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  MAJCOM and other equivalent positions, including special duty, joint and interservice positions; BCE/Deputy

GRADE:   Officers: O2-O4; Enlisted: E5-E9; Civilians: No

PREREQUISITES:  Students must be able to complete upper level undergraduate course work.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students must have SECRET clearance


COURSE CREDIT:  3 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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22-Jan-2018 to 26-Jan-2018 / WPAFB Resident
23-Jul-2018 to 27-Jul-2018 / WPAFB Resident



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