COURSE:  WMSS 500 Civil P.E. Exam Review Seminar

OBJECTIVE:  For each student to comprehend the topic areas found in the Civil P.E. Exam.

DESCRIPTION:  In this seminar, students will explore each of the five topic areas common to all Civil P.E. exams: Structural, Construction, Geotechnical, Water Resources and Environmental, and Transportation. The seminar is designed to familiarize students with the information they will need to know and the types of questions they will be most likely to face during the morning portion of the Civil exam. This will be accomplished through a combination of recorded lessons, practice problems, and Blackboard discussion posts.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Civil Engineer Officers

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  All other military and civilian Civil Engineers pursuing professional engineer licensure.

GRADE:   To receive completion credit (3.0 CEUs), students must complete ALL module tests and the final morning breadth exam. There is no penalty for not completing the seminar.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Students should have computer access throughout the course with a reliable Internet connection capable of streaming recorded video lessons, and accessing/utilizing the Blackboard discussion board.

DELIVERY METHOD:  This is a Web-Accessible seminar offered by the Civil Engineer School at AFIT including approximately 5 hours per week of self-paced course work. This eight-week seminar combines self-paced video-type lessons with computer interaction between students and instructors as well as practice problems executed via the Blackboard online learning system. Mix of self-study, recorded lessons, and instructor discussion board interaction each week depending on schedule and student progress through material.



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11-Feb-2019 to 22-Mar-2019 / Web Enabled
02-Sep-2019 to 11-Oct-2019 / Web Enabled



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