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Contractor Registration


The authority of 10 U.S.C. 9314a allows Defense Industry Contractors to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).
An eligible defense industry employee is an individual employed by a private firm that is engaged in providing to the Department of Defense significant and substantial defense-related systems, products, or services.  This includes employees commonly referred to as contractors.
All contractors are required to pay the appropriate tuition rate prior to attending the course.  This policy applies to all methods of instruction to include resident, distance learning, seminars, and onsite course offerings.
Tuition Rate: $368.00 per Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
Contractor Registration Process:
  • Register through the Course Catalog
  • Complete and submit the Contractor Verification Letter (Found HERE)
  • Once seat assignment is confirmed, submit payment as shown below
If paying by check:
1) Make check payable to: DFAS-IN
2) Include on the check: student name, class number and title, and class start date
3) Mail to:
      Attn: Resource Advisor
      2950 Hobson Way, Bldg 643
      Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765
If paying by credit card:

To pay by credit card or electronic check, go to
1) Under 'What Federal Agencies Can I  Pay?' click on Agency List.
2) In the A-Z index click on A.
3) Click on Air Force Department.
4) Click on AFIT Tuition Payments.
5) Enter the Student 'Payer and Payment Information' click Continue.
6) Enter your Electronic Check or Credit Card Payment information, click Continue.
7) Review and Authorize your payment information. Enter your email address to receive confirmation of payment.
8) When you have finished, click Submit Payment. (Your receipt will be generated by you will not receive a receipt from AFIT)
9) Email your information to Include student name, class number and title, and class start date.
Items to Remember
  • Only students approved by The Civil Engineer School will be admitted to class.
  • Cancellation Policy --- If the course is cancelled or a student cancels prior to the course start date the tuition fee will be refunded.

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