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Interservice Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB)

The Interservice Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB) promotes efficient, cost effective, quality environmental education and training to the Defense Components that includes the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, US Coast Guard and Defense Logistics Agency (collectively referred to as the Components).

Since 1972, the Components have participated voluntarily in Interservice Training Review Organization (ITRO) processes to achieve training efficiencies through the consolidation and/or co-location of common training when it is in the best interest of all participants. The ITRO is the means by which ISEERB coordinates interservice training. The ISEERB was formed in 1994 and is a standing functional subcommittee of the ITRO.

When a course is “ISEERB Approved,” Subject Matter Experts (SME) from each Component have reviewed the course and found it applicable to their service. ISEERB Approved courses are reviewed at least every three years to ensure they still meet the needs of their service. Schools that host ISEERB Approved courses agree to allow members of other Components to attend their course free of any registration fees unless required by federal law (i.e., USACE courses).

Twenty-seven courses are ISEERB Approved. The Air Force is the lead agent for five courses:

  1. WENV 160 QRP Management,
  2. WENV 441 Environmental Sampling Design & Data Quality Assurance,
  3. WENV 531 Air Quality Management,
  4. WENV 532 Advanced Air Quality Management, and
  5. WENV 541 Water Quality Management.

Attendance at any of the other Component ISEERB Approved courses must be processed through the eDASH Training Request process. Please click here to view the ISEERB Environmental Training Catalog.

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