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If you would like to watch the symposium from a .mil (government) domain, please follow the below link

If you would like to watch the symposium from a .com (commercial) domain, please follow the below link:

The links will become live one hour prior to the start of the broadcast.  Upon submission of a short survey you will be directed to the broadcast.

The Civil Engineer School's eSymposium capability is a unique opportunity for the Air Force CE career field to continue expressing ideas and innovation of a traditional conference or symposium without any travel costs.  eSymposiums are typically multi-day, but can be delivered in any time interval, comprise of several speakers, and cover a range of topics.  The school offers symposiums through three separate mediums: 

1.) Satellite Broadcasts to Base Education Centers

2.)  Live Video Stream to nearly any device (on and off the AF network) 

3.) Post Event Recordings

By utilizing Telepresence technologies, presenters can broadcast their message from any location throughout the world into our studio.  We combine the live video presentation with our Broadcast Studio to create a distinct communication forum.

If you would like more information on eSymposiums
please contact our coordinator at 937-255-5654 ext 3510 or email

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