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CE Speaker Series

WHAT:  Jan’s CE Speaker Series event will discuss the AF Sustainable Design and Development Update.
SPEAKERS:  Ms. Paula Shaw, Sustainability Design and Development SME
WHEN:  1300 ET on Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017.
DESCRIPTION:  This discussion will provide an overview of the Federal High Performance and Sustainable Building requirements that must be incorporated into all new construction and major renovation projects.  Additionally, the discussion will focus on the December 2016 Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements revision and recent changes to the AF third-party certification requirements.
ACCESS:  Registration opens at 1200 ET on the day of the broadcast at one of the following links:
If you would like to watch the presentation from a .mil domain, please follow the below link:
If you would like to watch the presentation from civilian internet provider, please follow this link:
Please follow one of the above links at the broadcast time and fill out the brief survey. Upon submission, you will be redirected to the broadcast.
If you are unable to attend the broadcast, a recording as well as the presentation slides, will be posted here:

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