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" Smart Start"

  Presented by: Ben Kindt 28  Apr 15: 1300ET

Smart Start is an AFCEC-developed process designed to reduce cost, schedule, and quality risk during design, award, and construction of facility projects through improved, up front scope definition.  Smart Start assists PMs to quickly assess a construction project's degree of scope definition, identify gaps, and take appropriate actions to reduce risk during front end development and acquisition at the initial stages of project execution.  The process also drives development of more accurate cost estimates.   The focus of Smart Start is on spotting issues in advance, enabling pre-award solutions instead of post-award cost and schedule impacts or quality compromises.
Smart Start is the result of distilling many years of project execution experience and best practices down into a consistent, repeatable, transferrable process.  Though only formalized one year ago, the Smart Start process has already proven to be highly effective when used by AFCEC PMs executing AF projects worldwide.  The purpose of this presentation is to share these best practices with other PMs throughout AF  Civil Engineering for potential use at their installations.
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