Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics
ENP Recent Theses and Dissertations

Optical Science and Engineering
OSE Recent Theses:
“Diffusion of rubidium vapor through hollow-core fibers for gas-phase fiber lasers,” Eric M. Guild, 2011.
“Branch point mitigation of thermal blooming phase compensation instability,” Mark F. Spencer, 2011.
“Characterization and measurements from the Infrared Grazing-Angle Reflectometer,” Michael R. Benson, 2012.
“Application of an imaging Fourier-?transform spectrometer for the means of combustion diagnostics,” Michael R. Rhoby, 2012.
“An inverse kinematic approach using Groebner basis theory applied to gait cycle analysis,” Anum Barki, 2013.
“Direct emissivity measurements of painted metals for improved temperature estimation during laser damage testing,” Sean M. Baumann, 2014.
OSE Recent Dissertations:
“The scattering of partially coherent electromagnetic beam illumination from statistically rough surfaces,” Mark F. Spencer, 2014.
Nuclear Engineering and Combating WMD
Nuclear Engineering Recent Theses:
“Modeling of the PUREX Process”, 1Lt Benjamin Abner, 2014
“Verification and Validation of Monte Carlo N-Particle Code 6 (MCNP6) with Neutron Protection Factor Measurements of an Iron Box”, MAJ Andrew Decker, 2014
“Optimization of Prompt Neutron Detector Placement for Standoff Photon Interrogation of Special Nuclear Materials”, 1Lt Timothy Genda, 2014
“Estimating Fireball Temperature from a Nuclear Detonation Using Digital Films”, Maj Matthew Gettings, 2014  
“Hydrothermal Crystal Growth of Lithium Tetraborate and Lithium Gamma-Metaborate”, Capt Jeffrey Graham, 2014     
“Defining a Methodology for Data Analysis Using Streak Films”, Maj Christopher Lenyk, 2014
“Nuclear Structure of Rhenium-186 Revealed by Neutron-Capture Gamma Rays”, CPT Andrew Lerch, 2014
“Modeling Detector Response to Scattered Gamma Rays”, CPT Tyrone Ospino, 2014
“Modeling Nuclear Weapon Fireballs in DIRSIG”, 1Lt Tyler Peery, 2014
“Copper Doping of Zinc Oxide by Nuclear Transmutation”, Capt Matthew Recker, 2014  
“Nuclear Thermal Effects Analysis on Operational Aircraft”, Capt Timothy Tryon, 2014
“Electron Damage Effects on Carbon Nanotube Thin Films”, Capt Jeremy Best, 2013
“Electronic Characteristics of Rare Earth Doped GaN Schottky Diodes”, MAJ Aaron Blanning, 2013
“Timing and Spectroscopy Requirements for a Plastic Scintillating Fiber Bundle Time-of-Flight Neutron Spectrometer”, 2Lt Paul Clement, 2013
“Three Dimensional Positron Annihilation Momentum Spectroscopy of Lithium Tetraborate Crystals”, 1Lt Stefan Fagan-Kelly, 2013
“Neutron Spectroscopy Using Lithium Fluoride Thin-Film Detectors”, 2Lt Michael Ford, 2013
“Cathodoluminescence and Thermoluminescence of Undoped LTB and LTB:A (A = Cu, Ag, Mn)”, MAJ Zachary Hadfield, 2013
“Modeling Radioactive Decay Chains with Branching Fraction Uncertainties”, Capt Timothy Higley, 2013
“Analysis of a Van de Graaff Generator for EMP Direct Current Survivability Testing”, LTC Robert Kress, 2013
“Depth-Resolved Cathodoluminescence of Thorium Dioxide”, MAJ Michael Lee, 2013
“Passive, Low Cost Neutron Detectors for Neutron Diagnostics at the National Ignition Facility”, 1Lt Nathan Loyd, 2013
“An Analysis of Methods to Determine Nuclear Weapon Yield Using Digital Fireball Films”, Capt David Lynes, 2013
“Neutron Shielding Effectiveness of Multifunctional Composite Materials”, MAJ Anthony Marchand, 2013
“Elemental Identification for Forensic Analysis of Nuclear Fallout Debris Samples Utilizing Micro-XRF, SEM and Autoradiography Mapping”, 1Lt Mischa Monroe, 2013
“Analysis of the Nuclear Thermal Pulse Using Digitized Scientific Test Films”, 1Lt Curtis Pacleb, 2013
“Thermal Effects Analysis on F-16 Paint”, Capt Jon Rowland, 2013
“Damage Equivalency Study of Ions and Neutrons in Silicon Bipolar Junction Transistors”, 1Lt Elizabeth Scherrer, 2013
“Modeling Sodium Iodide Detector Response Using Parametric Equations”, MAJ Neeraj Sethi, 2013
“Changes to Tensile Strength and Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness in Neutron Irradiated Carbon Nanocomposites”, MAJ James Shinn, 2013
“Solving Reactor Point Kinetic Equations Using Exponential Moment Methods”, Paul Thelen, 2013
Combating WMD Recent Theses:
“Magnetic Separation of Soil Contaminated with Weapon Grade Plutonium”, MAJ Matthew Greb, 2014
“Thermogravimetric Analysis of Bacillus anthracis Spores and DNA by Spectroscopy and Chromatography of Pyrolysis Products”, CPT Lucas Hoffmann, 2013
“Biodegradation of an Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agent Simulant by Activated Sludge with Varying Solid Retention Times”, 2Lt Allen Janeczko, 2013
Nuclear Engineering Recent Dissertations:
“Enhanced Discrete Element Methods for Neutron Transport”, Joel Turinetti, 2014
“Muon Concentration and Spectrometry for Muon Catalyzed Fusion Experiments”, Maj Gregory Van Dyk, 2013
“Electronic and Physical Characterization of Hydrothermally Grown Single Crystal ThO2”, Tony Kelly, 2013
“An Exponential Moment Method for Modeling Transient Behavior in Multicomponent Systems”, LtCol Suzanne McNabb, 2013
“EPR and ENDOR Studies of Point Defects in Lithium Tetraborate Crystals”, Maj Douglas Buchanan, 2012
“Theoretical Study of the Effects of Di-Muonic Molecules on Muon-Catalyzed Fusion”, LTC Eugene Sheely, 2012
“The Effects of Rare Earth Doping on Gallium Nitride Thin Films”, LTC Stephen McHale, 2011

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