Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics
ENP Recent Theses and Dissertations

Applied Physics
APPL PHYS Recent Theses:
"The Fresnel Zone Light Field Spectral Imager," Capt Francis Hallada, 2017.
"A Computational Study: The Effect if Hypersonic Plasma Sheaths on Radar Cross Section for Over the Horizon Radar," 2 Lt Zachary Hoeffner, 2017.
"Numerical Wave Optics Investigation of Optical Scatter from Statistically Rough Surface", Capt Ann Lanari, 2017.
"Total Electron Count Variability and Stratospheric Ozone Effects on Solar Backscatter and L WIR Emissions", Capt John Ross, 2017.
"RbHe Potential Energy Surface Sensitivity Study", 2 Lt Ethan Thorp, 2017.
"Measuring the Nonlinear Performance of Indium Gallium Phosphide Using the Z-Scan and Intensity Variation Methods," Jacob Wilson, 2017.
Appl Phys Recent Dissertations:
"Laser Heating of Graphite and Pulsed Laser Ablation of Titanium and Aluminum", Capt William Bauer, 2017.
"Analysis of At(1s5) Metastable Populations in High Pressure Argon-Helium Gas Discharges," Maj Daniel Emmons, 2017.
"Linear and Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Optically Thick Argon and Argon-Helium Plasmas in Radio-Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharges", Ben Eshel, 2017.
"Cascade and Two-Photon Lasing from Two-Photon Excitation of Cesium 62D", Capt Nathan Haluska, 2017.
"Development of Compact, Deployable Sensors Using Cold Atom Interference", Eric Imhof, 2017.
"Three-Dimensional Imaging of Cold Atoms in a Magneto-Optical Trap with a Light Field Microscope," Capt Gordon Lott, 2017.
"Nuclear Structure of 186Re", MAJ David Matters, 2017.
"Passively Estimating Index of Refraction for Spectacular Reflectors Using Polarimetric Hyperspectral Imaging," Jacob Martin, 2017.
"Oblique Longwave Infrared Atmospheric Compensation," Capt Daniel O'Keefe, 2017.
Materials Science
Materials Science Recent Theses:
"Transient Nonlinear Optical Properties of Thin Film Titanium Nitride", SarahKatie Thomas, 2017.
Nuclear Engineering  
Nuclear Engineering Recent Theses:
"Radiation Effects in Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFET) on Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN)", CPT James Brickey, 2017.
"Rapid Location and Characterization of Radioactive Sources Using an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle", Capt Kasidit Chalaopak, 2017.
"Using Principal Component Analysis to Improve Fallout Characterization," 1 Lt Derek Haws, 2017.
"Characterization of Neutron and Proton Exposure on the Radiation Resistant Bacterium, Deinococcus Radiodurans," MAJ Ronald Lenker, 2017.
"Rotating Scatter Mask for Gamma Source Imaging", Julie Logan, 2017.
 "Optimization of a Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectrometer to Measure Negative Point Vacancies in Hydrothermally Grown Single-Crystal Thorium Dioxide", 1 Lt Kaz Moffett, 2017.
"Modeling the White Sands Missile Range Fast Burst Reactor Using a Discrete Ordinates Code, PENTRAN," 1 Lt Taylor Schulmeister, 2017.
"Tumbler-Snapper Atmospheric Nuclear Test Series Streak Film Analysis", MAJ Clinton Shelby, 2017.
Nuclear Engineering Recent Dissertations:
"A Computational Tool for Hyperspectral Propagation of NUDET Effects", Maj Jarred Burley, 2017.
"Special Features of the Air-to-Space Neutron Transport Problem," Maj Whitman Dailey, 2017.
"Luminescence in Lithium Borates", LTC Brant Kananen, 2017.
Optical Sciences
OSE Recent Theses:
"Cavity Perturbation Technique of 10 GHz Cylindrical Resonator for Modeling RF/IR Sensor Radomes/Windows," Capt Marvin-Ray Arida, 2017.
"Characterization of Instantaneous Nonlinear Optical Refraction and Absorption in a Platinum Acetylide Organic Chromophore E1-BTFOH", 1 Lt Brady Gough, 2017.
"Liquid Crystal Performance Limitations Due to Thermal Loading and Oblique Incident Angles", 1 Lt Madilynn Viens, 2017.
"Improved Atmospheric Characterization for Hyperspectral Exploitation", Nathan Wurst, 2017.
OSE Recent Dissertations:
"Kinetics of Graphite Oxidation in Reacting Flow from Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscopy", Capt Ashley Gonzalez, 2017.

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