Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics
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Materials Science
Current as of: 05/01/2014

Degree Type: MS

Thank you for your interest in material science at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

The Department of Engineering Physics (ENP) offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in materials science focused on materials for aerospace and defense technologies. Our program is jointly executed with our structural materials partner, the epartment of Aeronautics and Astronautics, to offer comprehensive scope in structural, non-structural and multifunctional materials. AFIT possess state-of-the-art experimental and computational materials research facilities. This assures that students not only have opportunity to experience a rigorous academic curriculum but also a robust research experience which prepares them for the next step in their career path whether it is academic, government service or industry.

Students are introduced to theory and techniques of materials properties characterization (mechanical, thermal, electronic, magnetic and optical) including applications to materials selection and materials processing. Building on that broad foundation, students concentrate in one of many areas of specialized study in preparation to solve a specific research problem. Our experimental and computational materials research employs an atomistic perspective to explore novel electro-optical materials, semiconductor materials, ceramics, nuclear materials, nano-scale materials structures, and meta-materials. Please review the recent theses and dissertations topics as samples of our research interest. Our ENP faculty offer very diverse areas of expertise and research opportunities, with a strong research emphasis in structural characterization and imaging at all materials scales. Also, in cooperation with the ENP Applied Physics and Nuclear Engineering programs, we conduct theoretical and experimental research in exotic high energy density materials candidates, including positronic and muonic materials.

Sponsors of our research are AFOSR, AFRL, DTRA, and other government agencies that are motivated to advance defense technology. These collaborations enable our students to interact with customers of AFIT research including scientists, engineers and program managers in these government organizations. AFIT’s closest collaborative research affiliations are on Wright-Patterson AFM with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate and with the Defense Shared Resource Center, a DoD supercomputer center. I invite you to review our AFIT Graduate School Catalog, and department brochure for further information concerning degree requirements and course offerings. I look forward to talking with you about material science at AFIT.

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