Department of Systems Engineering & Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Management
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Human Systems Certificate Program
Current as of: 01/15/2014

Degree Type: Certificate Program

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Human Systems Engineering (GCHS) provides a select set of graduate level courses which support the AF and DOD wide focus on Human Systems Integration with a particular focus on the Human Factors domain. The interested student will complete an introductory class in systems engineering, a Human Systems Integration course, two additional courses in an area of interest within human factors, and complete a capstone project. The GCHS accommodate the needs of a broad array of AF military and civilian personnel, particularly part-time students that are tasked with performing human systems functions as part of their jobs. In terms of professional development, the typical candidate for the GCHS is an individual with an undergraduate engineering or physical sciences degree desiring graduate coursework to increase understanding and knowledge in the Human Systems area. However, candidates with behavioral sciences backgrounds can also benefit from increased knowledge of systems engineering and application of human systems technologies. Individuals pursuing this certificate may have an MS or PhD degree in another field, but wish to develop a broader systems perspective and understand how to incorporate human concerns into the research, development, and acquisition lifecycle. Due to the AF-wide requirement for a HSI point of contact within each acquisition program, we anticipate that this need will likely extend beyond WPAFB in the future but this program is offered only in residence at AFIT at the present time.
Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

The GCHS program accepts individuals with traditional engineering or other science degrees and produces individuals who can interact effectively with systems engineering to understand human engineering issues and apply human engineering concepts to the analyze complex problems, design feasible solutions, understand and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each solution from a human-centric viewpoint.
Expectations of the graduates of this certificate program are as follows:
  1. Understand the role of the systems engineer and experts within the domains of Human Systems Integration with in government and industry organizations.
  2. Understand the impact of each of the Human Systems Domains and their integration on system lifecycle effectiveness and cost.
  3. Develop the skills to provide an initial analysis and properly engage individuals within the Human Systems domains to obtain an appropriately integrated system.
School and Program Admission Criteria

Degree Required: Any degree in engineering or in a scientific field with exposure to course work in calculus, probablitily and statistics, and engineering design.

Test Required: None

GPA Required: Overall - 3.0

Waivers to the criteria may be granted (on an individual basis) by the Department of Systems Engineering and Management. For more information about distance learning or about the Human Systems Certificate via DL, and to apply, visit the Extension Services Office.
Course Sequence/Sample EdPlan
SENG 520 (Summer, Fall) Systems Engineering Design
SENG 560 (Fall) Human Systems Integration
HFEN 560 (Winter) Human Factors
SENG 797 Certificate Capstone Project

One additional elective course from the list:
HFEN 610 (Winter) Human Performance Measurement
HFEN 663 (Summer) Human Computer Interaction
HFEN 670 (Spring) Human Interaction Technologies
These courses provide a common breadth of knowledge and represent basic building blocks for all Air Force Human Systems Specialists.