SYS 253 - Early Test and Evaluation Influence in Acquisition

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This 24-CLP comprehension-level course will prepare Air Force personnel engaged in T&E execution or management to be effective members of the acquisition team with emphasis on early influence in an acquisition program. Program office members will learn why test planning and tester involvement needs to be solicited early, pre-Milestone A, for a successful program as well as the testing activities that should be occurring throughout the life cycle. Test organization members will gain an understanding of the program office’s equities and what program objectives are accomplished through testing as well as why, when, and how testers should be involved early in the life cycle. There is a scenario- based exercise integrated into the experience that has the students apply the information learned within a notional weapon system program.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: None



Offering #

Start Date

End Date

Live Internet 22C 09 Nov 2021 19 Nov 2021
Live Internet 22D 02 Dec 2021 10 Dec 2021
Holloman AFB, NM 22E-O 11 Jan 2022 13 Jan 2022
Robins AFB, GA 22F-O 08 Feb 2022 10 Feb 2022
Edwards AFB, CA 22G-O 01 Mar 2022 03 Mar 2022
Live Internet 22H 17 Mar 2022 25 Mar 2022

Meet the Instructors

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Stacie E Taylor

Course Information

Delivery Method: In-Residence/ On-Site Course and VIRR

Course Length: 3 training days Resident and On-Site

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: Acquisition and Sustainment Personnel: civilians GS 07-14, military E-5 through E-9 and O1-O5.

CL Points: 24

Prerequisites:SYS 153 - Early Tester Involvement

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