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Please download the following files:

  1. ALL LS Students: Student Handbook [pdf]
  2. Registering on ACQ Now 
    1. ACQ Now Registration Instructions  [pdf]
    2. ACQ Now Registration Process: Step-by-Step [pdf]
  3. CONTRACTORS: Contractors Registration Information [pdf]





  • Student must be a military member or government civilian employee
  • Student must have taken all prerequisite courses required
  • Defense Industry Employee/Contractors: After Meeting the Foundational Requirement on a Space Available/Tuition Paid Basis

For School of Systems & Logistics Professional Continuing Education (PCE) Courses
The authority of 10 U.S.C. 9314a allows Defense Industry Employees (commonly referred to as contractors) to attend the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).

ELIGIBLE DEFENSE INDUSTRY EMPLOYEES: In accordance with Title 10 U.S. Code 9314a, an eligible defense industry employee is an individual employed by a private firm that is engaged in providing to the Department of Defense significant and substantial defense-related systems, products, or services. A defense industry employee admitted for instruction at the United States Air Force Institute of Technology remains eligible for such instruction only so long at that person remains employed by the same firm.

TUITION RATE: $41.00 per Continuous Learning Point (CLP); this rate applies to both live and Distance Learning (DL) courses.


  • Students will be approved on a space-available, tuition-paid basis only
  • View a list of AFIT/LS courses by clicking on our COURSE CATALOG

    • For individuals without a DOD Common Access Card (CAC): send an e-mail to LSACourseManager@afit.edu in reference to the course you wish to enroll in
    • For individuals with a DOD CAC: CLICK HERE
  • Complete and submit the Verification Letter (FOUND HERE and e-mail to LSACourseManager@afit.edu
  • Once seat assignment is confirmed, submit payment as indicated below; a reservation into the course will be given once payment is received

If paying by check:

  • Make check payable to: DFAS-IN
  • Include on the check: Student Name; Event Title/Name; Start Date
  • Mail to:
    AFIT, School of Systems and Logistics
    Attn: AFIT/LSA Training Administrator
    2950 Hobson Way, Bldg 641
    Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7765
  • Payment by check will not be cashed until you have a confirmed seat assignment

If paying by credit card or electronic check: Submit payment via Pay.gov; CLICK HERE for instructions

  • Enter Student Information; for ID Number, enter seven ones (1111111) to identify you as an AFIT/LS student
  • For Term/Dates, enter the class number & offering (e.g. SYS 383, 16A, and start-stop dates)
  • Reminder: do not submit payment until you've received a confirmed seat assignment
  • After submitting your payment; e-mail your confirmation of payment to LSACourseManager@afit.edu; include your name, the event title/name and start date in the e-mail message

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the course is cancelled or a student cancels prior to the course start date, the tuition fee will be refunded.


The School of Systems & Logistics (LS) is a Professional Continuing Education (PCE) school providing multi modal continuing education courses. The AF education process is made up of a collection of existing legacy systems and newer online systems. The newer online systems neither replace nor interface seamlessly with the older legacy systems. As a result there are courses tied to specific systems and the application for those courses are naturally governed by the processes tied to that system. The School of Systems and Logistics has no control over the online or the legacy systems or their associated “application” procedures.

We have made this as seamless as possible for the student by providing all the instructions necessary to the student when they click the REGISTER button associated with the course of their choice. The student must click the REGISTER button and they are then linked to a page providing them with the step by step application procedures tied to that course.

THE DIFFERENT SYSTEMS governing the application processes are:
  • ACQ Now – online course registration system
  • OTA (Oracle Training Applications) system – a legacy system. Applications are managed by Unit Training Monitors and MAJCOM Education offices. (SF 1556 or DD182 are submitted through the appropriate training offices)
  • INTERNET STREAMING COURSES (apply directly with the school) – courses taught by LS instructors hosted on a Learning Management System (separate from ACQ Now)

The step by step process for each of the three methods is provided when a student selects a course and clicks the REGISTER button associated with that course.

THE MODE OF INSTRUCTION tied to each course offering can be previewed by clicking the DETAILS button provided on the listing with each course. The education delivery modes:

  • Classroom – real time attendance, taught in a classroom, at Wright-Patterson AFB or at a host base
  • Asynchronous (Web-based) – self paced courses, available 24/7, anywhere through the AFIT Online e-Learning platform
  • Synchronous (Internet Streaming) - courses taught live by an instructor and streamed over the web

THE TYPES OF COURSE OFFERINGS can be previewed by clicking the DETAILS button associated with each course. They are:

  • Resident – classroom course offering held at the School of Systems & Logistics, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
  • On-site – classroom course offering held on any base hosting an offering
  • Web-based
    • self paced, available 24/7, from anywhere with a computer
    • live instruction streamed over the web, with definite class meeting times and homework assigned to be completed on the LMS

For more information on Registering on ACQ Now:

  1. ACQ Now Registration Instructions  [pdf]
  2. ACQ Now Registration Process: Step-by-Step [pdf]


ACQ Now Course Registration Instructions

Log in at: https://acqnow.atrrs.army.mil 

Please note, your supervisor will need to log in and update their profile information.  Once completed, you can add them as your supervisor, and complete the steps below.

  1. Log in using CHROME or IE
  2. ACQ Now https://acqnow.atrrs.army.mil 
  3. Follow prompts to sign/CAC in
  4. Select "My Career" in the blue bar at the top
  5. Under Continuous Learning on the left:  
    1. Select "Search For AFIT Events"
  6. Scroll down to AFIT Event Catalog
    1. Select the blue "View Catalog" button
  7. Tab: All Events By Name
  8. Scroll down to the course you are interested in
    1. Click on "+" to open
  9. Select the blue "Apply" button to the left of the offering
  10. Scroll to bottom
    1. Any remarks in the remarks section are to your supervisor on file
    2. Select the blue "Submit Request" button at the bottom right of the screen
    3. NOTE: If you do not see "Submit Request", change your screen size to 75%
  11. Your request will be submitted to your supervisor for approval (For live classes only)
  12. You will receive an email with the status update
  13. Your supervisor will receive an email to approve the application
  14. If your supervisor does not get/cannot find the email:
    1. They can log in to the link from step 2 and check the "My Tasks" section on the bottom right of the Dashboard

 For additional assistance you may contact our Training Administrator/Course Manager organizational inbox at: LSACourseManager@afit.edu or call DSN 312-785-7777x3164 or Commercial: (937) 255-7777 x3164.

For more information on Registering on ACQ Now:



The School of Systems and Logistics provides ACADEMIC RECORDS to any student at no cost. The student should mail or FAX a letter requesting a copy of their academic records. A signature must be on the letter to authorize the release of information, so an e-mail note request is not acceptable.
The following information must be included in the academic records request letter:

  • The student’s full name
  • The student’s social security number
  • The address the student desires the records mailed to
  • The student’s daytime phone number
  • The student’s signature – required to release the information

NOTE: Students may fill out a form with all the required information here 
SEND REQUESTS (with all the required information) FOR YOUR ACADEMIC RECORDS TO:
ATTN: Records, School of Systems and Logistics
2950 Hobson Way
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7765  

You may also contact us via PHONE, FAX or E-MAIL for instruction on electronically sending us a request FOR YOUR ACADEMIC RECORDS:


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