LOG 399 - Strategic Logistics Management

LOG 399 is one of the Logistics Professional Development Program (LPDP) courses and features presentations provided by guest lectures focusing on strategic logistic concepts and capabilities within the Department of Defense. The course covers joint and USAF strategic logistics capabilities and concepts, along with strategic logistics issues particular to the student audience when the course is offered on-site. Participants are presented with logistic concepts, best practices, challenges, and solutions in the strategic logistics environment. The students are presented with strategic logistic capabilities and processes at defense agencies and combatant commands. The course provides students with an overview of the functions of the Defense Department’s strategic logistics organizations and how these defense commands facilitate the projection of military power by sustaining forces over great distances.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: Live Internet classes meet each Tuesday and Thursday from 1300 – 1600 EASTERN time over a three-week period.



Offering #

Start Date

End Date

Live Internet 24D 09 Apr 2024 25 Apr 2024
Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 24E 25 Jun 2024 27 Jun 2024
Eglin AFB, FL 24F 23 Jul 2024 25 Jul 2024

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Delivery Method: In-Residence or On-site Course

Course Length: In-Residence and On-Site: 3 days - Live Internet: 3 weeks

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: Course is primarily for officers 0-3 w/ 6 years TIS to 0-6, and GS-12 to GS-15 and equivalent, E7 to E9 in Logistics Career Fields.

CL Points: 24


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