LOG 390 - Achieving Organizational Alignment

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This course is designed for students holding leadership or staff positions overseeing a production-focused environment, such as flightlines, backshops, munitions storage areas, aerial ports, and storage and distribution centers, to name a few. This course provides graduate-level concepts on how to achieve organizational alignment, to include examining how organizational culture, production systems, just culture, organizational change, and leading systematically contribute toward that goal. Each day covers one subject and begins with an academic treatment followed by students working in small groups to analyze several case studies in the form of popular movie clips that illustrate the concepts. Finally, each subject is closed with a facilitated group discussion asking students to apply the concepts to their own unit. *Day 1, Organizational Culture: Topics include how organizational culture impacts organizational performance, cultural frames of reference, Schein’s levels of culture, and Johnson’s cultural web. *Day 2, Production Systems: Topics include how production systems impact organizational performance, Ford's leadership behaviors, integrated operating systems, key unifying processes, and methodologies of continuous improvement. *Day 3, Just Culture: Topics include how establishing a Just Culture impacts organizational performance, Marx's three duties, responses to a breach of duty, and the breach of duty algorithm. *Day 4, Achieving Alignment: Topics include how achieving alignment impacts organizational performance, strategic drift, Kotter's change process model, behavioral economics, the AIDA marketing model, and interpersonal negotiations. *Day 5, Leading Systematically: Topics include benefits of an effective leadership system, Lencioni's organizational health model, individual credibility, leadership behaviors, and leadership team meetings.

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RAF Lakenheath, UK 24L 13 May 2024 17 May 2024
RAF Croughton, UK 24K 20 May 2024 24 May 2024
Offutt AFB, NE 24M 24 Jun 2024 28 Jun 2024

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Delivery Method: In-Residence or On-site Course

Course Length: 5 days

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: O-4 to O-5, E-7 to E-9, and GS-13 to GS-15 CGOs/Junior NCOs welcomed on a space available basis.

CL Points: 40


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