SYS 341 - Cyber Risk Assessment of Weapon System Platform IT PIT

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SYS341 is an intensive 40-hour, instructor-led course that includes eight small-group exercises in which attendees apply principles learned in the class to a representative case study weapon system. SYS341 provides students assigned as Security Control Assessors and Representatives SCA/SCAR, weapon system program office Information System Security Managers ISSM, weapon system engineers, developmental and operational DT/OT testers and Mission Defense Team MDT members with the knowledge required to conduct architectural analyses to identify cybersecurity threats to weapon system designs and to assess and mitigate the cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with those designs. The focus of SYS341 is on weapon systems in the sustainment phase of the system development lifecycle. Course Objective: 1. Know core requirements of cyber risk assessments and authorization packages 2. Assess the cybersecurity mission risk to a weapon system 3. Build an acceptable authorization package

To Apply

Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: None



Offering #

Start Date

End Date

Edwards AFB, CA 22P-O 19 Sep 2022 23 Sep 2022
Offutt AFB, NE 23A-O 03 Oct 2022 07 Oct 2022
Tinker AFB, OK 23B-O 17 Oct 2022 21 Oct 2022
Kirtland AFB, NM 23C-O 31 Oct 2022 04 Nov 2022
Robins AFB, GA 23D-O 14 Nov 2022 18 Nov 2022
AFIT - Wright-Patterson AFB (Area B), OH 23E-O 28 Nov 2022 02 Dec 2022
Live Internet 23F 12 Dec 2022 16 Dec 2022

Course Information

Delivery Method: In-Residence/ On-Site Course and VIRR

Course Length: 5 days

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: Officer 62XX Civ 08XX, 17DX

CL Points: 40


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