WKDRS 110 - Introduction to Data Research

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This course provides Airmen with an introduction to data research through management of a project under a life- cycle plan. Students will understand the components of a project and learn how to see a project to completion from project initiation through project closing. Additionally, students will learn how to evaluate the end state of a project to plan for future approaches or prepare for any future issues. Although this course is designed as a stand-alone course, it will also serve as a springboard to more advanced courses on machine learning and other advanced analytical techniques.

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Live Internet 24E 17 Jun 2024 19 Jul 2024
Live Internet 24F 03 Sep 2024 30 Sep 2024

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Delivery Method: Instructor Led, Live Internet Course

Course Length: 21 hours

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

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CL Points: 21


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