WKSP 0703 - Database Management

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This course provides Airmen with a working knowledge of the administration and management of SQL relational database systems. This course addresses issues of information governance, administering roles and permissions, the concept of ETL Extract, Transform, and Load, database automation, data warehouses versus transactional databases, and data quality tools. Microsoft’s SQL Server will be used through the course, providing students experience with an industry database server suitable for the needs of large enterprises and small organizations. While WKSP 0702 focused on general SQL topics that a Data Scientist would need, WKSP 0703 goes more into the implementation, loading, management, and administration of relational databases.

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Live Internet 22A 01 Nov 2021 03 Dec 2021
Live Internet 22B 07 Feb 2022 11 Mar 2022

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Delivery Method: e-Learning Course

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Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

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CL Points: 26


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