WKSP 0704 - Working with Big Data

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This course provides Airmen with This course provides Airmen with both an overview of the Big Data analysis landscape and a working knowledge of the tools that are most useful in doing data analysis. It goes into the core components of Hadoop, namely its file structure and MapReduce querying language. Then it explores the low- level HBase database system with primarily CRUD capability. It explores in detail several query languages that sit on top of MapReduce and/or HBase namely, Apache Phoenix, Hive, and Pig. Some of the Hadoop data management tools such as Oozie, Sqoop, and Zookeeper are introduced to give the student an orientation to them.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: This course assumes that the student has completed Workshops 0701, 0702, and 0703.



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Live Internet 22A 08 Nov 2021 10 Dec 2021
Live Internet 22B 14 Feb 2022 18 Mar 2022

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Delivery Method: e-Learning Course

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Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

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CL Points: 19


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