WKSP 0725 - Writing Quality Requirement Statements

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Requirements are the foundation of every acquisition program within the Air Force. The statements that make up your Systems Requirements Document or Technical Requirements Document are supposed to capture the needed user capabilities while clearly conveying to others the technical functionality and performance needed to meet those capabilities. If the requirements statements are poorly written, it can lead to misunderstandings with both your user and your contractor. This class will cover the 14 characteristics of quality requirement statements and the 41 rules that can be used to meet these characteristics. Using actual examples, students will be shown how these rules can be applied to create quality requirement statements. Students are also encouraged to bring unclassified requirement statements to class so they can be assessed and worked as well.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: 4 hrs (Two 2-hr sessions taught on consecutive days)



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Delivery Method: In-Residence or On-site Course

Course Length: 4 hrs (Two 2-hr sessions taught on consecutive days)

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: Any and all career fields that deal with requirements development including acquisition & sustainment personnel, MAJCOM staffs, civil engineering, and others.

CL Points: 4


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