School of Systems & Logistics

Consulting and On-Site Requests

Management and Technical Consulting: The LS faculty is ready and able to provide individualized consulting services to Air Force and DoD customers. This includes consultations in areas of management and technical expertise, as well as small group and team facilitation. We have a long and proven history of providing premier consulting services to acquisition and sustainment program offices, depot maintenance organizations, other DoD and federal agencies, and to allied nations.For faculty subject matter consultations, workshops, or other special requirements, contact our faculty by calling DSN 785-7777 ext. 3105.

On-Site Course Offerings (your base): Requester provides travel and per diem funds for mobile faculty teams to conduct scheduled on-site PCE courses. Additional offerings may be requested and arranged with the School.Please use the contact information below if interested in requesting a PCE course offering at your base:
Commercial: 937-255-7777 ext: 3164
DSN: 785-7777 ext: 3164