COURSE:  WENV 531 Air Quality Management Course (ISEERB approved for all DoD Components)

OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this course is for each student to understand the basic technical and regulatory requirements of air quality management from a military and federal perspective and learn methods to plan and guide a successful air quality program at the installation level.

DESCRIPTION:  This course provides discussions of technical and regulatory issues appropriate for the installation level air quality manager. Topics include compliance, emission inventories and processes, meteorology and dispersion modeling, permitting, pollution control technology, DoD Applicable NESHAPs, NEPA and Conformity. A limitied number of problem solving exercises are included. Students and instructors are from all services. Inter-Service Environmental Education Review Board (ISEERB) approved course.

PRIMARY AUDIENCE:  Air Program Manager , Key Air Program Support Personnel, CE Air Quality FOA Representative

SECONDARY AUDIENCE:  Military Service Regional Environmental Coordinator (REC), Alternate Air Program Support Personnel Environmental Program Managers, Environmental Compliance Supervisors, Legal with Environmental Responsibilities.

GRADE:   Officers: O1-O4; Enlisted: E5-E8; Civilians: GS6-GS13 and GM

PREREQUISITES:  Knowledge of basic algebra is recommended.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  **ISEERB approved for all DoD Components

DELIVERY METHOD:  Resident (Classroom)

Course Enrollment Closes for all AFIT CE offerings 14 days prior to Course Start Date!

COURSE CREDIT:  3 CEUs in compliance with IACET standards


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03-Jun-2019 to 07-Jun-2019 / WPAFB Resident



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