Transfer Credit Information

Master’s Degree Students
Students who have completed graduate work at other universities or colleges may, once accepted and enrolled in an academic program, petition their faculty advisor and curriculum chair to apply transfer credits towards their program in the Graduate School of Engineering and Management.
Doctorate Degree Students
The Graduate School does not accept transfer credit for Ph.D. programs, however, you may be eligible for limited coursework waivers.
Graduate Certificate Students
Students normally complete all program requirements without transferring in courses outside of AFIT. However, a maximum of 25% of a programs required credit hours may be transferred from another institution. Normal transfer credit rules apply.
Transfer Credit Rules
Department faculty determine which, if any, courses are eligible for transfer. Determination of the institutional source, content and quality of course work as reflected by the accreditation held by the originating institution shall be the primary criteria used to assess the eligibility of a course for transfer.
A course which is determined eligible for transfer will be classified as either (1) equivalent to a required course in a program curriculum, or (2) suitable as an elective as part of the program curriculum. 
Transferred courses must be graduate level and a letter grade of "B" or better must have been awarded. No transfer credit will be awarded for coursework taken on a pass/fail basis.
Transferred courses and their credit may not include any course submitted and used for any previous degree. Students must provide evidence, if not apparent from the transcript, that the transferred course(s) was not used to fulfill requirements for any other degree. Transferred courses and their credit may have been part of a graduate certificate.
The maximum number of transferable credits is 12 graduate quarter hours per degree, or the semester hour equivalent. The number of credits transferred for coursework will be converted at the standard semester-to-quarter hour conversion (2/3 semester hours per quarter hour).
Credits are not transferable if they were earned more than five years prior to matriculation into the student’s AFIT graduate program.
In general, neither the grades nor the credit hours will be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average. For this reason, only the hours, not the grades of courses are transferred.
A graduate research project, thesis or dissertation written under the direction of another school may not be transferred.
Approval Process
The student must arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office. AFIT requires original transcripts before transfer credit can be determined.
The student submits the request for transfer with justification as required and with endorsements by their faculty advisor and department head. The request should be made early in the academic program and before the start of the graduation quarter to ensure adequate time for resolution.
The student must provide documentation (including course descriptions, syllabi and catalogs, if requested) of all post-secondary coursework that is to be considered for transfer credit.
Documents may be submitted in languages other than English but must be accompanied by a translation.
Final approval of the transferability of a course must be provided by the Academic Standards Committee. Department faculty shall provide the Academic Standards Committee with material required to make this assessment.


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