REL 210 - Reliability Basics for Acquisition Professionals

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A broad two-day survey of basic reliability principles with emphasis on the acquisition life cycle, including how reliability affects cost, schedule, and performance. Focus is on using a proactive system reliability design approach and how to monitor improvements through management-led reliability growth programs. Mathematical topics are limited to basic concepts necessary to understand how reliability affects acquisition decisions. The course includes instructor led demonstrations and some in-class student assignments. Note: this course is aimed at the general acquisition workforce and is not a prerequisite to or a substitute for REL310. Students wanting a more in- depth technical discussion of reliability should consider REL310 or WKSP 0695 where applicable.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: All acquisition professional are welcome with particular emphasis for those working in Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, Product Support, Reliability and Maintainability, or Depot Operations.



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Live Internet 24D 03 Jun 2024 13 Jun 2024
Live Internet 24E 05 Aug 2024 15 Aug 2024

Course Information

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Delivery Method: In-Residence or On-site Course

Course Length: 2 Academic Training Days and 7 Academic Training Days

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: E-5 and above O-1 and above GS-07 and above

CL Points: 16

Prerequisites:A general knowledge of mathematics through Algebra II is strongly recommended and some introduction to statistics would be helpful.

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