REL 310 - Reliability and Reliability Growth Foundations I

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This four day course is designed for reliability practitioners. Students will be introduced to a wide range of reliability engineering concepts based on mathematical and statistical principles discussed in class. Students will use these technical concepts and statistical principles to analyze reliability data, draw conclusions from the data, and then to construct graphs and reports required in the acquisition process, for example, Test and Evaluation Master Plans. This course emphasizes a hands- on approach where students complete in -class exercises using AFIT provided software tools currently used in the industry. Note: Individuals wishing to take a less technical course on reliability should consider REL 210, Reliability Basics for Acquisition Professionals.

To Apply

Grade Restrictions: O-1 and above E-5 and above GS-07 and above

Special Requirements: REL 310 Requires access to AFIT's network. In order to access AFIT's network, an AFIT-specific DD Form 2875 is required & must be returned to AFIT/LS NLT 14 DAYS prior to the class start date. Students that do not complete the form WILL BE CANCELLED from the class. The form & instructions on how to fill it out are located on AFIT/LS's website at: https://www.afit.edu/LS/ click on Student Information and select DD Form 2875. Any questions can be directed to AFIT/LS Training Administrators at DSN 785-7777x3164 or e-mail AFIT.LSACOURSEMANAGER@afit.edu.



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Robins AFB, GA 24E 20 May 2024 23 May 2024
Tinker AFB, OK 24F 15 Jul 2024 18 Jul 2024
Hill AFB, UT 24G 26 Aug 2024 29 Aug 2024

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Delivery Method: In-Residence or On-site Course

Course Length: 4 days

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience: All AFSCs supporting Acquisition, Sustainmen Sustainment, Sustainment, Sustainment, Developmental Test and Operational Test please also review course description and prerequisites All Civilian Series supporting Acquisition, Sustainment, Developmental Test and Operations Test ple please please also review course description and prerequisites

CL Points: 32

Prerequisites:No specific courses. However, this course has a heavy emphasis on Probability and Statistical techniques. Students will conduct exercises applying these techniques by hand and through provided software, thus students should have a general and comfortable familiarity with mathematics at least at the intermediate college algebra level and an understanding of basic Probability and Statistics theory. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students refresh their knowledge by taking DAU's CLE 035-Introduction to Probability and Statistics computer- based course.

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