WKSP 0688 - Introduction to Supply Chain Risk Management

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WKSP 0688 is intended to introduce the principles and practices associated with Department of the Air Force Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). The purpose of the workshop is to help develop a broader and more comprehensive understanding of how Air Force supply chains may be at risk, and to increase awareness of the emerging capabilities available to mitigate such risks. Areas of focus include supply chain basics, factors influencing supply chain risk, SCRM definition and relationship to other risk methodologies, the SCRM assessment process, and supply chain risks and mitigation tools & techniques.

To Apply

Grade Restrictions: AFSC/Series: Program Management (63A/1101), Engineering and Technical Management (61X/62X/08XX), Life Cycle Logistics (/21X/0346) and other personnel supporting supply chain activities (eg., Contracting). GS-12 and above, and military equivalents.

Special Requirements: This course is taught via live, synchronous format using DAF365 MS Teams. If you would like to host an offering please contact the Course Director Dr. Christian Randall at christian.randall.ctr@afit.edu. If you would like to host an offering please contact the Course Director James Artis at james.artis.ctr@afit.edu. Students are required to have a computer with a microphone, preferably a camera, and will be required to test MS Teams access prior to the offering and complete a pre-workshop exercise.



Offering #

Start Date

End Date

Live Internet 22B 13 Sep 2022 13 Sep 2022
Live Internet 23G 12 Oct 2022 12 Oct 2022
Live Internet 23H 09 Nov 2022 09 Nov 2022

Meet the Instructors

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Dr Christian Randall

Course Information

Delivery Method: Instructor Led, Live Internet Course

Course Length: 2 hours

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

Primary Audience:

CL Points: 2


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