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“This course introduces fundamental Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts managers use to increase performance within their organization. Topics include Principles of Flow, Flow Improvement Techniques, and Five Focusing Steps (constraint-based approach to process improvement). The course will also highlight how TOC principles have been applied across the Air Force. No prior TOC training is required to take this course. The course is offered virtually as a 3- hour synchronous, instructor-led class via MS TEAMS. For units desiring dedicated Theory of Constraints instruction, please contact the Course Director to reserve dates for a dedicated virtual offering of the course.

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Grade Restrictions: None

Special Requirements: Classes are normally held from 1300-1600 Eastern Time. Please contact the Course Director to arrange offerings for specific overseas time zones.



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Live Internet 24G 22 May 2024 22 May 2024
Live Internet 24H 11 Jul 2024 11 Jul 2024
Live Internet 24I 28 Aug 2024 28 Aug 2024
Live Internet 24J 11 Sep 2024 11 Sep 2024

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Delivery Method: N/A

Course Length: 3 hours

Event Type: Training (Functional, Technical)

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CL Points: 3


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