AFIT Digital Literacy Education

Digital Literacy Education at AFIT

The Air Force Digital Literacy core competency defines a person who uses technology to identify, critically evaluate and synthesize data and information; explore, create and manage digital content; and appropriately interact in a virtual environment.

Digital literacy education at AFIT focuses primarily on six major topics: digital engineering, digital acquisition, data science, cybersecurity, mission engineering, and joint all-domain operations.

The most recent National Defense Strategy and National Defense Authorization Acts describe the need for the Department of Defense to modernize analytical and decision-support processes to execute the national defense mission more efficiently and effectively. This requires an increase in the digital literacy of our Airmen and Guardians.

AFIT is a leader in providing graduate and continuing education, research, and consulting in competencies to improve digital literacy. Below is a list of primary graduate programs, continuing education curriculums, short courses and workshops, and research centers that support this directive.

  • Digital literacy education at AFIT focuses primarily on six major topics: digital engineering, digital acquisition, data science, cybersecurity, mission engineering, and joint all-domain operations.
  • Technology tools are commonplace to enhance learning and digital literacy.
  • Forty-five graduate degrees and certificates are offered in STEM fields.
  • Continuing education courses address numerous aspects of digital acquisition and data science.
  • Workshops and webinars complement formal education courses, addressing cutting-edge digital topics such as Model-Based Systems Engineering, Agile Software Development, Dev*Ops, Cloud Services, and Data Analytics.
  • AFIT conducts research through both its teaching schools and specialized centers.
  • Sponsored graduate research in digital literacy subjects such as artificial intelligence, human-machine systems, and data science complements degree programs.
  • Continuing education digital literacy research focuses on identifying and assessing new digital processes in the acquisitions and logistics arenas.
  • Faculty research ensures courses are constantly refreshed with the latest digital trends and needs of the Air Force. Supplemental education resources are also found or produced, vetted and provided to students.
  • Department of the Air Force Centers of Excellence and research centers conduct specialized research in critical fields to advance the use of technology, such as Operational Analysis, Technical Intelligence, and Space Research and Assurance.
  • Customer-specific technical consulting is available to support organization or process improvements.
  • Faculty and research centers provide tailored consulting and workshops to address real-time technology and information issues.
  • Principle customers are AFRL project teams, acquisition and sustainment program offices, depot maintenance organizations, test organizations, and operational logistics squadrons.
  • Hangar 18 Software Factory - A partnership between AFIT and the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, our mission is to deliver digital engineering, Agile model framework, and development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) support to the Department of the Air Force research and acquisition communities.
  • AFIT is an education partner for the DAF's Digital Transformation Office and other organizations supporting digital transitions such as the Air Force Product Life-Cycle Management Capability Support Office and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center's Acquisition Center of Excellence.
  • AFIT is a leader in content curation for the Air Force Digital Guide.

Digital Engineering

AFIT primarily approaches Digital Engineering in the context of conducting technical activities for managing weapon systems. This includes concepts like model-based engineering, model-based systems engineering, Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO), and model-based simulation-and-analysis (MS&A).

Digital Acquisition

Digital Acquisition is a larger category of activities associated with managing weapon systems, that includes digital engineering technical topics, plus non-technical topics such as program and project management, life-cycle logistics, contracting and contract management, and financial management. Digital acquisition concepts, context, and procedures have been incorporated into AFIT's acquisition-focused education.

Data Science

Data Science is prevalent throughout AFIT education, consulting, and research. Primary Institute activities are the graduate Data Science and Operations Research degrees in the Department of Operational Sciences, the data analysis continuing education courses in the School of Systems & Logistics, and the Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence (STAT-CoE) research center.


Cyber education, research, and consulting is synergized across AFIT under our designation as the Air Force's Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence (CyTCoE). With respect to AFIT's role in digital literacy education, cyber security here is largely in the context of securing information technology networks and cyber physical systems. General cyber training like the annual Cyber Awareness Challenge and topics like computer literacy are delivered by other organizations.

Mission Engineering & Joint All-Domain Operations

AFIT is a defense-focused institute, tying education to real-world Air and Space Force operations. ME is the deliberate planning, analyzing, organizing, and integrating of current and emerging operational and system capabilities to achieve desired warfighting mission effects. Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) are actions by the joint force in multiple domains (air, land, maritime, cyberspace, and space domains, plus the Electromagnetic Spectrum) integrated in planning and synchronized in execution, at speed and scale needed to gain advantage and accomplish the mission. These threads are found throughout AFIT.
  • Continuing education JADO workshop through the School of Systems & Logistics
    • These threads are found throughout AFIT.
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