School of Systems & Logistics

How to Register for E-Learning Courses

Registration for AFIT Online courses is handled through the AFIT Now* registration system, which is hosted by ACQ Now for Continuous Learning (ACQ Now CL).

1) Sign in to AFIT Now using your Social Security Number and Date of Birth or your Common Access Card.

AFIT Now Step #1

2) Find the course you wish to register for.

AFIT Now Step #2

3) Select the Web-based location as the offering.

AFIT Now Step #3

4) Complete the Student Application and Submit.

AFIT Now Step #4

5) Two e-mails will be sent; one to you confirming your application for the course and the other to your supervisor who must approve the course application.

AFIT Now Step #5

6) Your supervisor will need to approve your training before enrollment in a course will take place. Once your supervisor has approved your application you will receive your log in information for AFIT Online.

* - AFIT Now will open in a new window. You may receive an 'Invalid Certificate' error when visiting AFIT Now due to the fact that by default Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have any DoD CAs (Certificate Authorities) in its Trusted Root CA. The error message you may receive is the result of this.

The security certificate for AFIT Now is valid, however, it will not display as a trusted CA until its DoD Root Certificate is installed on your PC. Once Microsoft Internet Explorer recognizes its CA as a trusted CA, the notification will disappear.

Refer questions to:
Comm: (937) 255-7777, ext. 3164 or DSN 785-7777, ext. 3164