School of Systems & Logistics

e-Learning System Requirements

Browser Requirements
AFIT Online uses the latest Web-based technologies in order to provide an interactive educational experience. That means that some web browsers work better than others. The recommended browser for use with AFIT Online is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 or higher. To check your version of IE: From the Help menu, select 'About Internet Explorer'.

IE’s Pop-up Blocker should have an exception for AFIT Online by adding an exception for ‘https://*’ in the Pop-up Blocker exceptions list.

Users should also add ‘https://*’ to the browser’s Trusted Sites under the IE Security tab.

Please ensure that in addition to the preceding settings that the following settings are also in place:

  • Cookies are enabled (under the Privacy Tab, select the "Advanced" button)
  • Userdata persistence is enabled (under the Security Tab, select a zone and click the "Custom level..." button)
  • SSL 2.0 and 3.0 are enabled (under the Advanced Tab)
  • Native XMLHTTP support is enabled (under the Advanced Tab)
  • Plug-ins (such as Adobe Flash) are installed
Browsers Other Than Microsoft Internet Explorer
Other browsers—such as Mozilla Firefox—may be used, however, AFIT Online was designed with Microsoft Internet Explorer in mind and your experience with AFIT Online while using alternative browsers may differ from the intended user experience. These browsers must also meet the requirements listed above.

Microsoft Internet Explorer included with Microsoft Outlook
Please note that any web browser integrated as a part of Microsoft Outlook will NOT operate correctly for use with AFIT Online.

Adobe Flash
The recommended version of Adobe Flash Player is version 10. Version 9 is the latest version that is required, however, Adobe has made improvements with the latest version of player that may remedy issues experienced previously by some users with version 9 installed.

Sun Microsystems Java
The recommended version of Sun Microsystems Java for use with AFIT Online is version 6.

Enabled JavaScript
AFIT Online makes extensive use of JavaScript. (Internet Explorer uses ActiveX to implement JavaScript.) If you've changed your browser settings to disable JavaScript and/or ActiveX (a default setting in Internet Explorer) you'll need to re-enable them to view the web site properly. If you are not familiar with changing these settings, contact your System Administrator.

Special Note Concerning AFCERT 99-035: On 27 Aug 1999, the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team directed one of three actions be taken by AF network administrators that could have placed your MS Internet Explorer in a configuration that will not allow the download and/or use of components necessary for LearnCenter courses. If you have to reset any Internet Zone security settings to facilitate download and use of plug-ins, you should establish a task with your local administrator or helpdesk to remove compliance solutions for AFCERT 99-035 and instead install the directed solution from AFCERT 99-035A. The same would be true if your workstation is "locked down;" your administrator should facilitate correct LearnCenter function by ensuring that ONLY AFCERT 99-035A is complied with.

Enabled Cookies
Cookies are messages written in your browser by your server. When you return to a web page, your browser sends the "cookie" information to the server. This information identifies you, allowing you to alter a web site to your needs. You must accept browser cookies to access AFIT Online. If you are not familiar with changing these settings, contact your System Administrator.

Recommended Monitor Resolution
Monitors should be set to a resolution of at least 800 x 600 for optimal viewing.