School of Systems & Logistics

e-Learning Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive a 'green checkmark' for a module I completed?
If you have completed a module and have not recieved a 'green checkmark' for that module in the course index page this means that the module did not initialize properly when first opened. Usually this occurs when the first page of a module is not given enough time to fully load in your browser window before moving on to the next page—an indication of a fully loaded page is the displaying of 'Page 1 of x' near the bottom of the page. In other instances this is caused by an error in the module itself and will need to be corrected by our staff.

If you are unable to get a 'green checkmark' for a course module, please contact us and we will make sure that you get credit for the module. Please provide us with your duty e-mail address, the name of the course, and the module(s) you are having difficulty with.

How can I retrieve my username and/or password?
If you have forgotten or misplaced your username and/or password and can not answer the challenge questions through the site to retrieve the information*, please contact us via e-mail and we will be able to send to you your account details. Please provide us with your duty e-mail address.

* Note - You may receive an error when using the AFIT Online password recovery page accessed by clicking 'Forgot Password?' on the main log in page. This error is caused by accessing AFIT Online via a bookmark that contains an expired session ID in the URL. To correct the error, edit your bookmarked URL for AFIT Online to ''. Your bookmarked URL for the site should not contain any extra parameters. This will allow a new session ID to be created each time you visit the site.

How do I begin my course?
Once you have registered through AFIT Now and have been approved for a course you should receive two e-mails, one containing your username and another containing you password.

Once you have received this information, proceed to AFIT Online, a link to which is included with your account details e-mails. Log in to AFIT Online with your username and password.

Once logged in, proceed to the 'Student Information' page of the site. This page will contain all of your coursework, including courses for which you have enrolled and completed courses. Click on a course title under the 'Enrollment Event' column in the 'Enrollments' section of the page to begin.

If you are returning to complete coursework, any courses which you have started but not completed will be found under the 'Your Courses In Progress' section of the page.

How do I get credit for a completed course in ACQ Now CL?
Once you complete your course in AFIT Online, a transaction is sent to ACQ Now CL that will update your transcript. You should receive an e-mail pertaining to an end-of-course survey that will need to be completed before credit is given for the course.

If your AFIT Online course completion is not reflected in your ACQ Now CL transcript this typically means that the transaction was not sent or has been delayed. This could be caused by a momentary network outage at either ACQ Now CL or AFIT Online at the time you completed the course or that a lengthy period of time has elapsed between when the course was started and when it was finished. If after 24 hours of completing a course you still have not received credit through ACQ Now CL please contact us. Please provide your duty e-mail address and the name of the course.

How do I obtain my course certificate?
A course completion certificate will be available in the 'Your Courses Completed' area of the 'Student Information' page. Click on the certificate icon to the left of the course title and your certificate will open in a new window. Course certificates are also available through ACQ Now CL for courses registered through that system.

How do I register for a course within AFIT Online?
Course registration is not accomplished directly through the AFIT Online site. Please follow the directions on this page for instruction on registering for AFIT Online courses.

How do I update my AFIT Online profile information, such as my e-mail address?
Log into AFIT Online and scroll to the bottom of the page. Near the bottom, left corner is a link for the 'Control Panel'. From the Control Panel you may update all of your personal information such as your e- mail address and other contact information.

Where do I register for or find the Block III Equipment Manager course or other AFEMS courses?
Registration and support for AFEMS (Air Force Equipment Management System) courses such as Block III Equipment Manager and Deployed Equipment Custodian is available through the AFEMS Online Course Portal located at

Why is a 'red X' displayed when I launch a course module?
If when launching a course module your internet browser displays a 'red x' in the area that course content would normally appear this is an indication that Adobe Flash is either not installed on your system or you are running an older version of Adobe Flash. Contact your local computer support help desk to either install or upgrade the plug-in for Internet Explorer. If the problem persists please contact us. Please provide us with your duty e-mail address, the course name, and the module(s) you are having difficulty with.