About the Air Force Institute of Technology


The Air Force Institute of Technology, or AFIT, is the Air Force's graduate school of engineering and management as well as its institution for technical professional continuing education. A component of Air University and Air Education and Training Command, AFIT is committed to providing defense-focused graduate and professional continuing education and research to sustain the technological supremacy of America's air, space, and cyber forces.  Since 2008, AFIT has been designated as the Air Force’s Cyber Technical Center of Excellence.

AFIT accomplishes this mission through four schools: the Graduate School of Engineering and Management, the School of Systems and Logistics, the Civil Engineer School, and the School of Strategic Force Studies. Through its Civilian Institution Programs Office, AFIT also manages the educational programs of officers enrolled at 350+ civilian universities, research centers, hospitals, and industrial organizations.

AFIT has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1960.  In addition, the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET accredits several of AFIT master’s engineering master’s degree programs.  Since graduate degrees were first granted in 1956, AFIT has awarded 19,595 master's and 878 doctor of philosophy degrees. In addition, Air Force students attending civilian institutions have earned more than 12,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees in the past twenty years.  Currently, AFIT provides graduate and continuing education for nearly 30,000 students each year.

AFIT's Mission
We help build America’s airpower, by educating military and civilian Airmen to innovatively accomplish the Air Force’s core missions, in support of joint, combined and coalition operations worldwide, more effectively, efficiently, sustainably and affordably.

We accomplish this mission by providing Airmen with world-class defense-focused and research-enabled advanced academic education, and career-long professional continuing education both on-command and on-demand. Through four schools and a non-resident civilian institution program, AFIT delivers graduate education to the Medical, Line, Legal and Chaplain Corps, professional continuing education to Civil Engineers, Space, Nuclear, Acquisition, and Logistics professionals, conducts cutting-edge research in many areas including cyber, directed energy, hypersonics, stealth, navigation and space, and provides consultation and analysis support services.

AFIT's Vision

Be the internationally recognized leader for defense-focused technical graduate and continuing education, research, and consultation

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