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Education With Industry (EWI) Program

Education With Industry (EWI) Program

The EWI Program is a highly selective, competitive, non-degree educational assignment within an industry related to the fellow’s career field.  EWI supports the AFIT mission by providing Air Force officers and civil service employees with on-the-job education, experience, and exposure to private sectors of the economy or other government agencies not available through formal courses of instruction.  EWI is an Air Force Basic Developmental Education level program under the Force Development concept. It is sponsored by SAF/AQ and managed by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).

The EWI program designed to improve the technical, professional, and management competencies of participating students by partnering with top tier public and private sector innovative companies.  During the ten month tour, students are embedded within an industry team to meet their career specific desired learning objectives. Through hands on exposure to industry best practices, students develop the necessary competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities to build, sustain and retain a mission-ready workforce. In addition to this, students learn how to better partner with industry, thus developing Air Force leaders with greater business acumen and empathy. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide students the expertise to implement innovative practices when they return to the Air Force as well as understand how to better partner with industry in the future.

Upon completion, graduates are assigned to Air Force duty consistent with the education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for EWI? 

Officers and civilians interested in EWI must possess a participating AFSC or Job Code:

Officers: 13S, 14F, 15W, 17D, 21A, 21R, 21M, 32E, 35P, 38F, 61A, 62E, 63A, 64P, 65F

  • Eligibility for EWI is based on having a strong performance record. Interested officers should discuss EWI with their commanders to ensure it matches their officer professional development needs.  Target audience is officers with 5-12 commissioned years of service as of 31 May the following year (3 months prior to the start of EWI). A Masters degree and Level I Acquisition Professional Development Program (for acquisition coded positions) certification are desired. Members must have a minimum of two years time on station by the time you PCS for the program. For previous Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) participants, officers must have at least three years since completion of a prior AFIT assignment and no more than 54 months total AFIT time at the completion of the program.  Also, officers must have retainability for a 3-year active duty service commitment (ADSC) upon program completion.

Civilians:  Audit, Civil Engineering, Communication and Information, Contracting, Financial Management, Force Support (Manpower only), Intelligence, International Affairs, Logistics, Operations, Program Management, Public Affairs, and Scientist and Engineer career fields

  • GS 11-13. Candidates must have a strong educational background and record of high job performance. Applicants must have a minimum of two years federal civil service by 1 May. Bachelor’s Degree is required. As of 1 May, civilians must have been in the applicable career field for at least 5 years and have no more than 14 years of federal service (military and civilian time combined). A waiver is required for applicants not meeting the 5 or 14 year rule. 

Enlisted members (SSgt – SMSgt) are participating in EWI as a small EWI beta test - talk with your Career Field Managers, if interested.

How long is the assignment?

The assignment is 10 months in length. The program follows an academic year calendar, which begins in late August and ends in late June.

Do I have to move?

In most cases, military members selected for this program will PCS (Permanent Change of Station) both before and after the EWI assignment.  For civilian students, the assignments take place in the local area where the participant currently works.

Do I incur a service commitment in return for this opportunity?

All participants incur a three year service commitment.

How do I know which company I will be matched with? 

We partner with over 40 defense and non-defense related companies to host EWI fellows.  When applying for this program, the member is applying for the opportunity to work within industry and not for a specific company. The EWI Program Office is responsible for matching students to their companies and will work with each student to ensure the best match.  Air Force educational objectives will supersede any personal desires.

Do I wear civilian clothes for the program?

Fellows selected for this program will be treated as if they are employees of their assigned company.  This means they will follow the daily dress code of the office they work in and will work similar work schedule as their counterparts within the company.  However, military and civilians are expected to maintain Air Force standards while working with their companies.

How do I apply?

Officers:  The AAD/SPEED Guide is released annually in an Air Force wide PDSM, generally in early Spring (~beginning of April).  Application instructions will be provided in this guide, but applications are typically due in June timeframe.

Civilians: Apply through the annual Civilian Development Education nomination call - held every 1 March – 1 May. Selections for EWI are made by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), DPK based on competitive review of all applicants by individual Career Program identified through the Career Enhancement Plan (CEP).

Enlisted: Talk to your Career Field Managers

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