Civilian Institution Programs


" Arming the Air Force with the Power of Knowledge from the World's Best Institutions"

The Air Force Institute of Technology Civilian Institution Programs (CIP) responds when needed by the Air Force to fulfill a new mission, take new direction, and to satisfy new requirements.

Once officers are selected by their respective force development teams at the Air Force Personnel Center, the AFIT Civilian Institution Programs staff is officially notified of selected individuals. Program Managers then work with the selected officers from selection through confirmation of graduation or program completion.

Accessing the CIP Portal

To create a Student/Resident account, you must have received official notification from your AFIT program office. Personnel who have been selected for AFIT sponsorship by the Air Force Personnel Center, Air Force Recruiting Service, or other source but have not been notified by an AFIT CI Program Office, do not possess the necessary AFIT registration credentials to create an account.

Access the CIP Portal here