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Sponsored by the DOD Directed Energy Joint Technology Office (DEJTO),  the High Energy Laser End-to-End Operational Simulation (HELEEOS) continues to evolve through efforts of the Air Force Institute of Technology's Center for Directed  Energy (CDE). HELEEOS is a one-on-one (source platform - target) engagement model. The objectives of this research-quality, engineering performance code include DE concept development, DE science and engineering analyses, and evolution of improved DE weapon system effectiveness through accurate engineering performance assessments.


In order for HELEEOS to provide a realistic estimate of DE system performance, its embedded scaling law code addresses atmospheric effects as well as beam propagation.The Laser Environmental Effects Definition and Reference (LEEDR) module creates physically realizable vertical profiles of meteorological data and correlated environmental effects such as gaseous and aerosol / non-aerosol particulate absorption and scattering, optical turbulence, and cloud free line of sight for virtually any location on the globe. These effects are known to directly or indirectly effect DE propagation.  Furthermore, HELEEOS' DE propagation metrics and irradiance capabilities leverage the Scaling for HEL and Relay Engagement code developed by MZA Associates Corporation, as well as recently implemented code referred to as Adaptive Optical Compensation of Thermal Blooming (AOTB) developed by SAIC - Nutronics. The latter module enables HELEEOS to very realistically capture thermal blooming and as well as interaction of this non-linear effect with turbulence. HELEEOS solutions are nearly as robust as those resulting from much more rigorous, first-principles wave optics models but are obtained in orders of magnitude less time. HELEEOS is Matlab-based, but available as an executable with a Windows install program. 


HELEEOS Screenshot

Contact Information:
Dr. Steven T. Fiorino, AFIT/CDE Director
2950 Hobson Way
WPAFB, OH 45433
937.255.3636 x4506 (DSN 785)

Dr. Kevin Keefer, Contractor
2950 Hobson Way
WPAFB, OH 45433
937.255.3636 x4344 (DSN 785)

Mr. Brannon Elmore, Contractor
2950 Hobson Way
WPAFB, OH 45433
937.255.3636 x3132 (DSN 785)

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