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On 10 November 1919, Colonel Thurman Bane received authorization to begin instruction at the Air School of Application.  The following year, the first class of nine students graduated from the newly named Air Services Engineering School. Now, more than 100 years later, the Air Force Institute of Technology has awarded over 20,000 degrees and more than 400,000 people have gone through our continuing education courses!

The new millennium ushered in many advancements including:










  • AFIT and the AF Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence graduated the first ever class of Cyberspace Warriors in two professional development courses for cyberspace professionals
  • Secretary of the Air Force, Michael B. Donley visited AFIT
  • The Civil Engineer School trained at the Silver Flag Exercise Site at Tyndall AFB to provide hands-on education in force beddown, rapid runway repair, disaster preparedness, services, fire rescue, bare base assets, and command and control
  • The School of Systems and Logistics developed 14 courses for the Iraqi Security Forces and Ministry of Defense on logistics, supply chain management, maintenance, readiness, financial management, and project management

What started as a school for select officers has grown into a premier educational institution for both officer and enlisted students, international students, Department of Defense civilians, and members of all branches of the armed services.  However, some things never change.  We continue to stress excellence in education and research to move AFIT through the twenty-first century, retaining its flexibility and resourcefulness in accomplishing its mission; just as it has done since its inception 95 years ago.



1919-1920:  Air School of Application
1920-1926:  Air Service Engineering School
1926-1941:  Air Corps Engineering School
1944-1945:  Army Air Forces Engineering School 
1945-1947:  Army Air Forces Institute of Technology 
1947-1948:  Air Force Institute of Technology 
1948-1955:  United States Air Force Institute of Technology 
1955-1956:  Institute of Technology, USAF
1956-1959:  Air Force Institute of Technology
1959-1962:  Institute of Technology
1962-Present:  Air Force Institute of Technology  

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