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AFIT Briefs Research Projects to AFGLSC
Posted: 03/22/2010 by AFIT Public Affairs

Drs. Miller, Pettit, and Chambal from the Department of Operational Sciences traveled to Headquarters, Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC) at Scott AFB on 5 March 2010 to brief Major General Gary T. McCoy and his staff on the research projects being conducted by the Department for that organization.  Ms. Lorna B. Estep (AFGLSC/CA) and selected members from her Dayton staff were present by video teleconferencing (VTC), and Tinker AFB AFGLSC staff members were present via VTC, as well.  The briefing, accompanied by graphics, provided the status on projects including, but not limited to, TNMCS Simulation, Supply Chain Resilience, F-22/AFGLSC Supply Chain Management Initiative, High Velocity Maintenance Simulation, the Supply Chain Certificate Program, Graduate Education at AFIT and the interfacing AFGLSC role, AFGLSC Advanced Academic Degree military positions and potential for Civilian education for workforce development.  The meeting concluded with a tour of the new AFGLSC Command and Control Center and potential research that could support the predictive capability of the center.
Subsequent AFGLSC discussions and feedback revealed that AFIT made a huge impact on the AFGLSC leadership, and the collaboration initiative between AFIT and AFGLSC is a key addition to the AFGLSC research capabilities and provides exciting work force education opportunities. 

ENS group meets with AFGLSC

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