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AFIT Professor Honored with ASME’s Nadai Medal
Posted: 11/15/2005 by AFIT Public Affairs

Dr. Theodore Nicholas, a visiting professor in the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is the recipient of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ prestigious Nadai Medal.The medal was presented on Thursday, 10 November, at ASME’s Annual Meeting, where Nicholas presented the Nadai Award Lecture, entitled "High Cycle Fatigue of Metals."

In his 40-year career in materials engineering, Nicholas has produced theoretical and experimental research embodying a remarkably wide range of materials engineering topics, leading to universal advancement in the understanding of the response of materials.

Nicholas taught at both Cooper Union and Columbia University before he joined the Air Force Materials Lab where, for 36 years, he engaged in research in dynamic behavior of materials, impact phenomena, and fatigue and crack growth behavior in engine alloys.He later headed a major program on high cycle fatigue. For many years, Nicholas was group leader of a research program on the fatigue and crack growth behavior of materials and damage tolerance in engine structures.He retired in June 2002 and joined the University of Dayton Research Institute as a Distinguished Research Engineer. In November 2002, Nicholas was appointed to AFIT as a Visiting Research Professor under the government’s IPA program.

Author of over 260 technical papers and co-author of two books on impact dynamics and one on Metal Matrix Composites, Nicholas is currently completing a manuscript for a new book on High Cycle Fatigue.He is a frequently invited speaker at symposia and universities and has served regularly as a technical representative on government technical planning committees and was a consultant to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.He is a reviewer for a large number of technical journals and is on the editorial board of International Journal of Fatigue and Mechanics of Materials.

The Nadai Medal is awarded annually on the nomination of ASME’s Materials Division’ s Nadai Medal Committee to recognize distinguished achievements and contributions to the field of engineering materials.Such achievements can be in the areas of education, research, development, and service to the field and profession.The medal takes its name from Arpad L. Nadai, one of the pioneers in the field of materials engineering, who contributed particularly in the areas of plasticity, fatigue, and high temperature behavior.The Nadai Medal was established as the Nadai Award in 1975 and elevated to Medal status in 1998, after the establishment of a significant endowment fund for its support.

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