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AFIT Graduates Class of 209 students, March 2013
Posted: 04/02/2013 by AFIT Public Affairs

By Bill Hancock, 88th ABW Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - Family and friends gathered, March 21, at the National Museum of the United States Air Force to watch 209 Air Force Institute of Technology engineering and management students receive their degrees.

Dr. Todd I. Stewart, AFIT chancellor, started the ceremony with a salute to former graduates and those on hand.

"AFIT graduates 181 Masters and 7 PhD degrees tonight in 25 different research areas," said Dr. Stewart "education and training are the fundamental foundation of our Air Force and why our unique AFIT mission is focused on advancing air, space, and cyberspace power for the Nation, its partners, and our armed forces. We do this by providing relevant defense-focused technical graduate and continuing education, research, and consultation, but the most important thing that makes AFIT different is our students."

Since resident degrees were first granted at AFIT in 1956, more than 17,600 graduate and 650 doctor of philosophy degrees have been awarded.

Lieutenant General Michael J. Basla, Chief, Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, delivered the graduation address. His advice to the graduates was to make their mark in history during this time of technological innovation. Remarking that several AFIT campus buildings are named for past notable graduates, the general said. "Which of these buildings will be named after you?"

"The Air Force is fueled by innovation." While Looking out amongst the nights graduates, General Basla stated "We ask for answers, to difficult questions and you have delivered. This is what innovation looks like."

During an earlier award ceremony, some students were presented awards for their year of exemplary performance during their graduate studies.

Those presented awards included:

  • The Chancellor's Award, presented to Capt. Timothy A. Cleaver, who demonstrated the most exceptional individual master's thesis research.
  • Capt. Cindy D. Finke received the Mervin E. Gross Award for her exceptional academic achievement and high qualities of character, initiative, and leadership. The award is named in honor of Brig. Gen. Mervin E. Gross, first commandant of the Institute.
  • The Edwin E. Aldrin, Sr. Award, named in honor of Edwin Aldrin, Sr., member of the Institute's first graduating class of 1920 and AFIT's first vice commandant, was presented to 1Lt. Elizabeth E. Scherrer for displaying the most exceptional leadership characteristics while in the graduate program.
  • Senior Master Sgt. David J. Weller-Fahy received the Secretary James G. Roche Award for demonstrating exceptional academic achievement through a combination of grade point average and outstanding research, as well as high qualities of character, initiative, leadership and service.

After graduation the students will go to their next respective duty stations or back to their countries to begin the next step in their careers.

Since AFIT's establishment in November of 1919, the institute counts among its alumni some of the most accomplished engineers and scientists known worldwide, both past and present. This list includes Air Force pioneers General George Kenney, General Jimmy Doolittle, General Bernard Schriever, Astronauts Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Guion Bluford, to name but a few.

2013 AFIT Graduates:


Master of Science
Second Lieutenant David J. Cooke


Master of Science (Cyber Operations)
Second Lieutenant Kyle O. Bailey
First Lieutenant Zachry H. Basnight
Mr. Salvatore Capra
Captain James E. Emge
First Lieutenant John B. Guptill
Captain James C. Hannan
Captain Preston B. Iverson
Second Lieutenant Ryan A. Morehart
Captain Evan L. Raulerson
Senior Master Sergeant David J. Weller-Fahy

Master of Science (Computer Science)
Captain Jonathan S. Bristow
Captain Cindy D. Finke
Captain Robert M. Jaromin
Captain Karl A. Sickendick

Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Captain James W. Dean
Second Lieutenant Bridget Nolan Flatley
Captain Michael P. Knight
Second Lieutenant Ryan K. McLean
Second Lieutenant David A. Ryan
Second Lieutenant Trevor J. Vranicar

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Captain Brian S. Acerson
Captain Michael D. Archer
Second Lieutenant Julio D. Armijos
Captain David Becker
Flight Lieutenant Stjepan Blazevic (Australia)
Second Lieutenant Brent L. Danner
Captain Ryan L. Drinkwater
Mr. Clay K. Dubendorfer
Second Lieutenant John A. Hadjis
Captain Joshua A. Hardin
Second Lieutenant Evan P. Harvey
Captain Jonathan D. Hill
Captain Benjamin J. Kuhar
Captain Nathan J. Lehman
First Lieutenant Stephen D. Maksim
Mr. Daniel A. Marietta
Captain Aaron T. Myers
Second Lieutenant Elizabeth K. Norvell
Second Lieutenant James Ofoe Quarmyne
Second Lieutenant Anthony Mario Runco, Jr.
Captain Melissa A. Sawyer
Second Lieutenant John R. Schmidt
First Lieutenant Benjamin F. Toler
Second Lieutenant Russell D. Wilson, IV

Master of Science (Optical Sciences & Engineering)
Ms. Anum R. Barki

Master of Science in Applied Physics
Captain Bryan M. Adomanis
Captain David Jeremy Broadwater
Captain Evan J. Carlson
Captain William R. Frey
Second Lieutenant Matthew R. Guy
Captain Alanna R. Keith
Captain Stephanie Rae Keith
Second Lieutenant Robert L. Lloyd
Mr. Ryan M. Richards
First Lieutenant Jack A. Shepherd III
Master Sergeant Chad T. Taguba
Captain Christopher D. Vineski
Captain Andrew J. Westman

Master of Science (Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Captain Lucas J. Hoffmann (US Army)
Second Lieutenant Allen K. Janeczko

Master of Science (Nuclear Engineering)
Major Aaron B. Blanning (US Army)
First Lieutenant Stefan Brian Fagan-Kelly
Second Lieutenant Michael A. Ford
Major Zachary L. Hadfield (US Army)
Major Anthony D. Marchand (US Army)
First Lieutenant Curtis W. Pacleb
First Lieutenant Elizabeth Marie Scherrer
Major Neeraj Sethi (US Army)

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
Captain Jeremy S. Best (Marine Corps)
Captain Timothy M. Higley
Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Kress (US Army)
Major Michael G. Lee (US Army)
First Lieutenant Nathaniel C. Loyd
Captain David D. Lynes
First Lieutenant Mischa L. Monroe
Captain Jon Devlin Rowland
Major James F. Shinn (US Army)


Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Captain Karl E. Bolt
Captain Troy T. Huber
Lieutenant Colonel Juan E. Perot (Argentina)
Captain Robert S. Rabon
Captain Matthew D. Roberts
Captain Paula F. Silva (Brazil)
Captain David M. Thompson
Captain Chad M. Whitson

Master of Science in Operations Research
Captain Andrew L. Bigley
Mr. Benjamin Allen Clapp
Second Lieutenant Scott C. Finkbeiner
Second Lieutenant Micah J. Hafich
Second Lieutenant Alexander P. Hillman
Captain Mitchell R. Kieffer
Captain Taylor J. Leonard
Captain Aaron M. Lessin
Captain Joshua B. Meents
Major Eric A. Miller (US Army)

Master of Science in Operations Research
Captain Dana F. Morrill
Major Ahmet Ozdemir (Turkey)
Captain Nathaniel L. Resendez
Second Lieutenant Sean C. Ritter
Captain Theodore C. Shiveley


Master of Science in Cost Analysis
Captain Shaun T. Carney
Captain Kevin T. Crumrine
Captain Gregory J. Ferry
Captain Gary L. Jones

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Captain Daniel L. Blomberg
Captain David G. Brost
Captain Trevor A. Gustafson
Captain Joshua A. Hager
Captain John William Marshall II
Captain Justin C. Meihaus
Captain Andrew Reid Myers
Captain Jonnathan B. Page
Captain Joseph G. Pickenpaugh
Captain Peeter E. Pleake-Tamm

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science
Major Travis J. Meidinger
Major Edward B. Walters

Master of Science (Industrial Hygiene)
Captain Michael A. Schmidt

Master of Science in Information Resource Management
Master Sergeant James W. Harker, Jr.
Master Sergeant Jason George Russi
Senior Master Sergeant Jeffrey C. Sandusky**
First Lieutenant Laurienne C. Santana (Brazil)

Master of Science in Research and Development Management
First Lieutenant Luke M. Kaspari
Captain Brandon L. Keller
Captain Brian R. Mauntel
First Lieutenant Cihan Okur (Turkey)
Captain Andrew T. Soine

Master of Science (Systems Engineering)
Major Jonathan Welborn (US Army)
Captain Landon B. Bastow
Captain Klayton S. Bobsein
Captain Joseph A. Czabaranek
Captain Kevin M. Nastasi
Captain Kevin J. Pohl
First Lieutenant Timothy J. Shuck
Captain Scott A. Songer
Captain Joshua M. Splawn
Captain Sarah E. Storm
Second Lieutenant Daniel J. Uribe

Master of Science (Materials Science)
Captain Theodore R. Shillig

Master of Science (Aeronautical Engineering)
Mr. Brian C. Cranston**
Ms. Lauren B. Wuertemberger**

Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Captain Kacey E. Blunck
Captain Justin R. Carl
Captain Frank T. Clark
Captain Timothy A. Cleaver
Captain Matthew M. Conrad
Captain Boyce H. Dauby
Second Lieutenant Nick D. Debarmore, Jr.
Captain Mollie C. Drumm
Captain Colin C. Engebretsen
Captain Travis Don Husaboe
Second Lieutenant Samuel C. Johnson
Captain Kathleen H. Le
Second Lieutenant Robert K. Lenzen
First Lieutenant Justin K. Mason
Second Lieutenant Stephen J. Miller
Second Lieutenant Craig C. Porter
Second Lieutenant Jacob J. Robertson
Captain Matthew J. Satchell
Second Lieutenant Scott W. Theuerkauf
Captain Eric T. Wolf

Master of Science (Space Systems)
Captain Brian Moore
Captain Douglas B. Ruyle

Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering
Second Lieutenant Christopher Anthony Birge
Mr. John Robert Claybrook
Mr. Timothy E. Coon
Second Lieutenant Adrianna J. Eaton
Captain Steven P. Ingraham
Second Lieutenant Rex Newman

Doctor of Philosophy
Mr. Randall L. Bostick
Captain Eric A. Buschelman**
Major Thomas C. Co**
Major Benjamin L. Crossley**
Mr. Mark M. Derriso
Major Steven P. Dillenburger**
Major Jose R. Gutierrez**
Major Marshall E. Haker**
Lieutenant Colonel Paul Kenneth Harmer
Major Robert B. Hartlage**
Lieutenant Colonel Troy C. Hoeger**
Mr. Kyle J. Kauffman**
Captain Derrick Langley**
Captain David Liu**
Captain Robert D. Loper
Lieutenant Colonel Aaron G. Norris
Major Ryan P. O'Hara**
Major Jason V. Paul
Ms. Miriam J. Poteet**
Mr. Donald R. Reising**
Mr. Christopher A. Rice**
Mr. Christopher R. Schrock
Major Jeremiah A. Shockley**
Major Troy C. Welker**
Captain Jason P. Williams**

(In Absentia)

Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Captain Colin Quinn Hanson
Captain Philip E. Lorenzini
Major Richard Jon Turner

Master of Science in Applied Physics
Mr. Jacob G. Castilow

Master of Science in Cost Analysis
Captain Charlton E. Freeman

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Captain Matthew B. Booth
First Lieutenant Isaac B. Putnam

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Captain David J. Murley

Master of Science (Environmental Engineering)
Major Peter A. Baker (Marine Corps)

Master of Science in Information Resource Management
Senior Master Sergeant Carissa Mae Parker

Master of Science (Materials Science)
Captain Joseph Michael Derienzo

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
Mr. Paul M. Thelen

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Mr. Daniel K. Mutunga
Captain Sofia I. Russi
Captain Thomas F. Shields

AFIT Chancellor, Dr Todd Stewart, stands center amongst the AFIT class of 2013. AFIT classes are composed of military, international and civilian students. (U.S. Air Force photo)

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