Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Program Description

The Certificate in Data Analytics is a multi-departmental distance-learning program consisting of five courses provided one per quarter that supports the Department of the Air Force. The certificate provides Airmen and Space Professionals with the knowledge and skills to put the Department of the Air Force on the path to becoming a more data-informed organization. Courses will cover an introduction to data analytics, data and databases, introduction to machine learning, statistics, and computer programming with python. Program courses will focus on the use and understanding of applications/tools, not mathematical theory and algorithm development. Distance learning is completed from your current location through internet access. Recorded lectures must be completed in the week delivered. For more information, email AFIT.EN.DataAnalytics@us.af.mil.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must be any Department of the Air Force military or civilian member who possesses a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA overall and a B or higher in College Algebra. Class sizes will be limited. Please email AFIT.EN.DataAnalytics@us.af.mil once your application is submitted so we can follow your progress.

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Outcomes & Objectives

Student Outcomes (SOs)

Students who successfully complete the Data Analytics Certificate program will:

  • Be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Be able to understand and evaluate critically the literature of the field.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in object-oriented programming languages and related data analytics tools.

  • Be able to apply and have knowledge of statistical methods to derive insights from structured data sets.

  • Have understanding and have knowledge of storing and accessing large and complex data from a variety of sources.

  • Develop written and oral communication skills necessary to present complex problems to a decision-making audience: problem definition, analytic methodologies, results and analysis.

Program Chair


Degree Information

Degree Type: Certificate

Delivery Method: Distance Learning

Degree Requirements

Five Courses:

  • DASC 500 - Introduction to Data Analytics

  • DASC 501 - Databases (Design, Use, & Management)

  • DASC 511 - Object-Oriented Programming (using Python)

  • DASC 512 - Applied Statistics (using Python)

  • DASC 522 - Machine Learning

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